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  1. lindsay

    Map Effects

    thank you for the in depth answer
  2. lindsay

    Map Effects

    Whenever I try adding the script and try testing it, it says: What do I do? Is there a specific location in "Script editor" I put it in? Also let me rephrase my original question, how much of the script do I copy? Do I copy the whole script starting with line 1 (green text) going to line 530...
  3. lindsay

    Map Effects

    sorry but like I said above, I can't view the demo.
  4. lindsay

    Map Effects

    ya the files for the demo don't work for me for some reason. thanx
  5. lindsay

    Map Effects

    How do i post it? Do I start by posting the whole thing as seen starting with "Map Effects(1)" and finishing with "end(530)"? The Demo won't open for me
  6. lindsay

    How do I zoom in RMVX Ace?

    I want to zoom in on the game I am making. So I want to zoom in a little bit more on the character verses having it as it is now were you can see the whole map in view. To get in idea of what I mean, I will attach a screenshot down below or you can watch the horror RPG Pocket Mirror. Yes, this...

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