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  1. LUKElcs

    A good resource for foot-step sounds

    I want to add footstep sound effects to my game, and while I have a good idea of what plugin I want to use to accomplish this (and no, I don't want to make an evented monstrosity, I'm looking at Galves, looks simple enough) I'm not really sure what sounds to use, or where to find them. I...
  2. LUKElcs

    RMMV More control over when random encounters trigger in MV

    I tried looking up plugins having to do both with steps and encounters, and it didn't come up, but I'm sure something like this should exist, and if it doesn't, someone really needs to make one. So, the way encounter systems work by default (I think this is how they work) is after a set amount...
  3. LUKElcs

    Cheering crowed as you fight in an arena

    So, this is a bit down the road, like the 4th chapter, and I haven't even finished the first, but I want to have one of the chapters in my game take place in an arena. My main inspiration is Paper Mario : The Thousand Year Door. So, I was thinking, what if there were crowds cheering as you...
  4. LUKElcs

    Bork6 by SRD but it keeps getting faster

    I... I don't know why I made this. Click on the link and look in the videos description for the original video (Please note the bulk of the editing was not by me, I just made it loop and speed up, I'm not this experienced to do something like this XD) Original video by Some Random Dude.
  5. LUKElcs

    I'm hosting an RPG Maker Game Jam!

    Go check it out at : if you're interested.
  6. LUKElcs

    State applied when you run out of MP

    I guess you could say this is two questions, 1 is "how would I do this?" and the other is "should I do this?" I'm considering both. I tried putting this "State #21 will be automatically added when MP reaches 0." However, it didn't seem to do anything in game. The state would lower both ATK and...
  7. LUKElcs

    Dungeon Puzzle Design : Burning away overgrowth and other plant-themed ideas

    I'm making a game which will have puzzles in each dungeon, somewhat comparable to Legend of Zelda, in the sense that each dungeon has a theme, ect, in addition to random encounters and such. The first dungeon has a plant theme, and one of my ideas involved burning away overgrowth, but I'm not...
  8. LUKElcs

    LUKE-LCS' random MV resources and edits!

    Added Animations and Action Sequences tabs! Hiya! :D So, I've been making a few edits and such of the RTP, things that I personally really wanted, such as a better stair case, lighting effects for windows (I love that kinda stuff :D) as well as some sideways wall torches someone on this forum...
  9. LUKElcs

    RMMV I'm a noob to parallax mapping trying to use Ocram Layers. Please help.

    I tried watching a tutorial, and I think I kind of understand, but it's not very clear, and it uses text, which is always easy to follow (obvious sarcasm is obvious). This is what I have so far. All I want to do is have a layer that's above characters bound to specific maps. Simple enough...
  10. LUKElcs

    RMMV I can't save anymore if I use this plugin Here is my plugin list When I try to save, I get the error sound effect, and then then when I try to save a second time I get the following Not sure why, I'm not using any crazy plugins, mostly just basic stuff. Maybe I'm just using too many...
  11. LUKElcs

    RMMV Easy parallax map plugin

    I've found some tutorials for parallax mapping, and one simple plugin, but for some reason, battles stopped loading when I had it installed, and after looking around, I heard that it's not a very efficient. I know I could spend half an hour looking around for something, but I figured I'd just...
  12. LUKElcs

    If I get VX Light, can I use VX Ace stuff in MV?

    Simple question, sure it's been asked before. A lot of people do upscales and re-makes of VX-Ace content for MV, however I don't won VX/VX-Ace, so I don't use those, however, I recently discovered that VX lite exists, and I'm wondering if I get that, does it also come with the license to use...
  13. LUKElcs

    Where can I find 2 tile high characters

    I've been able to find bases, and even some 2 tile high characters, but what I want is a full set of characters, enough for a complete game. The game doesn't have to be amazing with tons of characters, I just want most of the default characters the come with MV to be remade in a 2-tile high...
  14. LUKElcs

    Start Menu customization as well as Game Menu Customization, needs advice

    I'm making a game, and there's a few things I really want/need to do before release. (for the sake of clarity, Start Menu means the menu where you load saves, and such that comes up when you launch the game, and Game Menu means the one where you can equip stuff, use items and skills, check...
  15. LUKElcs

    Making Enemies fade into dust like they do in UNDERTALE - RM MV

    So, I was wondering if there was any way to have a different collapse effect when monsters die, aside from the built in ones, maybe something that looks a bit like they're turning into dust almost instantaneously. I would like the exact effect that UNDERTALE has, but my better judgement tells me...
  16. LUKElcs

    Detecting whether the player has x amount of items

    I have a section of my game where the player needs to collect 6 stinger items which drop from wasp enemies in the area. Once they have enough, they can go back to the lab of the guy who asked for them and then a thing will happen. The thing that complicates it a little further, which is...
  17. LUKElcs

    Wasp Nest tiles MV

    In my game, there's a section in a dirt cave where there are a bunch of wasp nests containing giant wasp-like insects. Figure they'll be some puzzles and stuff where you burn them to clear passages and stuff, wondering if there are any good tiles/tile sets that contain large wasp nest styles...
  18. LUKElcs

    (YEP) Battle core, I'm an idiot and don't get something simple.

    So... what settings do I need to check in order to have the name of the enemy appear just below the enemy I'm selecting to attack, because it's apparently not the default, and I'm an idiot and have no idea what the heck I'm doing.
  19. LUKElcs

    MV styled monster images

    I'm not really looking for too much specific, although fire type and ice type enemies are definitely on the list. I really just want more monster images, roughly in the style of MV. Basically just more of the same. I've looked around but I haven't really found much of anything, so I'd like it...
  20. LUKElcs

    Where do I find assets and such in the forums

    I know before there was a section here where I could find assets, request assets, and I was able to find some of these pages in my history, so I can confirm they're still there, I'm just not sure how I found them. It's been a while, and I'm pretty sure some things layout wise have changed, I'm...

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