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  1. Kneeshaw

    Image loading issue for Visual Novel Busts plugin by Irina

    I am trying to use the command \bustExpression[0,0] and later switch to \bustExpression[0,1]. This briefly loads the entire Hero[Bust][Exp4x2].png and displays an artifact before the showing the correct section. Is there a file size limit to this function? (used file size is 261kb) Is this a...
  2. Kneeshaw

    Yanfly Event Spawner - Event not Triggering

    Hey Everyone, I am spawning an event with Yanfly.SpawnEventInRegion(19, 4, 5, true). It spawns the event just fine and the Lighting and action icon appear but I can't trigger the event at all. I am not getting an errors. I have tried it with multiple plugins off. I can't seem to find an...
  3. Kneeshaw

    Custom Window.png file location for Battle Menu, Menu, Yanfly Namebox and Message window

    I am looking for a way to use 4 different files for Nameboxes, Messages, Battle Menu and Menu. The system by default uses only Window.png and Yanfly message core does not have a file location pick for the namebox.
  4. Kneeshaw

    Ability to have multiple event windows open at once

    Description of the Feature: Ability to have multiple event windows open at once Ability to move map around without having to close a window Ability to open new events even if a event window is open Why is this feature good? Even being to open even 2 windows at once would help me reference and...
  5. Kneeshaw

    Finding Incompatibilities

    I am using many of Yanfly's plugins and Khas Lighting. I'm having a problem with the Khas Lighting plugin, it stops my maps from rendering and they are just black when I change maps sometimes. I can still move and use the menu. Just no any events or tileset. So i guess my question is... Do you...
  6. Kneeshaw

    RMMV Titan Saga: Chains of Kronos [updated:02/15/20]

    Game Overview Titan saga is an open world fantasy rpg, focused on deep customization of a character and town. Through tough choices, tactical battles and epic dungeons, you will experience an exciting and unique adventure. Story Imperial Unity, it was supposed to save the humans and bring...
  7. Kneeshaw

    RTP style Vegetation for Gathering System

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for vegetation for a Gathering system. I don't need a tile-set, I need resources in a format for events. Looking for flowers, berries in the rtp tree or bush, vines and any other type of varies plants. Any help would be much appreciated!

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