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  1. TMS

    RMMZ VX-Style Battles

    Would someone please create or point me towards a plugin that modifies the front-view battle system so that enemy attacks play animations over their target's portrait, like in XP? I like being able to show what the enemy's attacks look like, rather than just having their use blandly noted in text.
  2. TMS

    Download Procedure?

    So, this is probably a stupid question, but I preordered MZ, and now there are twelve different things to download. Does it matter in what order I download them, or where I save them?
  3. TMS

    Function Keys Not Working

    So I was looking at my old project today (which I haven't really done much in), and tried to use the Yanfly Doodads plugin during a playtest. But nothing happens when I hit F10, or for that matter when I hit F9, which I thought was supposed to bring up something else. Does anyone know what the...
  4. TMS

    Party Size Considerations

    Despite several attempts, I've yet to finish an RPG Maker project, so right now I'm preparing to begin work on what might become my first game, and I'm debating with myself on how I should handle the player's party. A search of this forum shows me a number of threads asking things like, "how...
  5. TMS

    Finding Music

    So this is kind of a dumb question. I noticed that there was a sale on today, and I started looking at the resources that were marked down. And it occurred to me, like it has before, that finding music for your game is really the most difficult part of resource gathering, because unlike with...
  6. TMS

    Removing Default Parameters

    There are some default parameters on MV, like Magic Defense, that I don't really want to use in my game. Is there an easy way to get rid of them? Or would I need a plugin for that?
  7. TMS

    Help with exporting things from SAKAN

    I'm using SAKAN for the first time, and I've created a title. That is to say, I've lazily stamped a rock and want to add it to MV's Outside tileset. I went to export it, and my rock is in the top left corner of the tileset (usually a blank space). Is there any way to move that rock, or expand...
  8. TMS

    Five-Member Party

    Apparently this has already been done (having more than four actors fighting at once), but I can't figure out how to duplicate it. I found this: But it links to a script rather than a plugin download, so it seems to me that it...
  9. TMS

    How do I open SAKAN Tileset Builder?

    I bought it today, but I can't figure out how to open it through MV.
  10. TMS

    Missing MV Content

    Hopefully this is the right forum for this. I recently discovered that there is a significant amount of content missing from my version of RPG Maker MV (I first noticed because the BGMs go straight from "Theme2" to "Theme6." I mentioned this in a status and was told: "If you downloaded from the...
  11. TMS

    Question about Skill Specialization

    This is a somewhat broad topic, but it's one I've been thinking about a good deal as I prepare to get serious about my first game. I know that traditionally in RPGs characters tend to be specialized to some extent, with skills that reflect their assigned roles (the designated healer comes to...
  12. TMS

    Starting Development: What to Focus on First

    So I'm attempting to start my first game for the nth time, and instead of jumping right in as I did on my previous false starts, I thought I'd ask people with more experience where to begin. I have my plot and my ideas for the characters and locations and several other elements, so now it's time...
  13. TMS

    Progress requirements for posting in Early Project Feedback?

    It's really too early for me to be asking this, but I've been curious for a long while. I know that the Early Project Feedback forum is for games that have actually been begun (as opposed to still being in the purely conceptual phase), but I'm wondering whether the game needs to be in some sense...
  14. TMS

    Do VX Ace's Battlers Clash with MV's Graphics?

    I recently bought MV, because I wanted a more flexible mapping system, but the game I've been thinking about doing was "developed" with VX Ace's graphical resources in mind. I don't care for the battlers that come with MV (at least for this game), so I was planning on just importing all of the...
  15. TMS

    Choosing a Game's Visual Style

    How do you go about deciding what art style your game will use? Painted vs. pixels, RTP style vs. something else, etc. I'm one of those people who doesn't have any artistic skill, so if I don't want a game whose resources clash with each other, I have to decide what I want to go with beforehand...
  16. TMS

    How can I change the menu if my game has only one skill type?

    If my game doesn't differentiate between types of skills, how can I alter the game menu's Skills page to reflect that? By default, the Skills page has four windows: the skill description at the top, then below that a window on the left listing skill types and a window on the right showing the...
  17. TMS

    Determining What Role Shops and Equipment Should Play

    I'm starting my first game, and before jumping into it I decided i'd give some thought to the items, weapons, and armor the game will use, particularly the latter, since I wasn't sure what Armor Types to include and which of my five characters should be able to use which armor types. To be...
  18. TMS

    My First Game... Huh...

    Hello! Doubt you knew that I was gone, but now I'm back. I've been messing around with RPG Maker (first XP and then VX Ace) for a number of years now, but have yet to complete a game. A while ago I thought that I was ready to begin what would become my first, but other things came up, and...
  19. TMS

    Slowing Down Battles

    I was wondering how I might slow down the pace of battles by increasing the time between actions. Like, having a second or two pass between attacks. I would think that there's some numerical value in the default script that might be changed to make that happen, but maybe I'm wrong.
  20. TMS

    Tweaking Yanfly's Enemy Attack Animations

    I've just included Yanfly's Ace Battle System in my game, and I was wondering if there's any way to make it so that the animations for the enemy's attacks play atop the target actors' pictures rather than being obscured by the menu window. If anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it.

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