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  1. Ultima2876

    Using DLC Music in RPG Maker MV

    Hi, If I buy DLC music packs from the store, do they come with everything needed to get them working in RPG Maker MV?
  2. Ultima2876

    Microsoft's CodePush

    Hi there, Microsoft have a tool called CodePush that might be useful for RPG Makers - Basically, it allows your apps, after deployment, to 'check in' with a central server and see if you have deployed any updates. If you have, they download the patches and...
  3. Ultima2876

    MVFU (Like Kung Fu.) - Nice conversion for VX/Ace assets

    Hey all, I want to make my new tool (or site) publicly available :) This is a conversion tool for VX/Ace assets (currently character sheets and tilesets) to RPG Maker MV. You can use it here: It's pretty simple to use. Add files either with the 'add files'...
  4. Ultima2876

    Version Control

    How is everybody handling version control for their projects? I imagine the JSON/JS-based nature of MV projects is conducive to git versioning working really well. I'll be starting a collaborative project soon and was hoping to gather some ideas!
  5. Ultima2876

    MVStripper - remove unused assets from your MV project

    Hey all, I've made a quick'n'dirty tool to strip unused files from MV projects to get the filesize down. (Windows) (Mac) It's just a simple nwjs app. If you open the...

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