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  1. GambleMountain

    MikePixel Freeware Assets

    Hey I'm a pixel artist that does commission work in my spare time. I also occasionally make free work. I shall share that here! My terms of use: I get a free copy of your game :3 You must include Mikepixel - in your game credits RPGMaker Generator: Maid
  2. GambleMountain

    XP tiling in MV

    Xp has in my opinion the best map editor, is it possible to make mv map like xp? Xp just has so much more control over the maps
  3. GambleMountain

    Custom event icon help

    This engine really doesn't want me to use custom art huh?  I cannot select the whole image for my event. How would I go about fixing this problem?
  4. GambleMountain

    Custom Tileset Help!

    GAH! This auto tiling thing is giving me a headache. Is there an official guide for this sort of thing?  D:<   D:<   D:<   D:<   D:< This is tough lol
  5. GambleMountain

    I like MV but I have some complaints

    MV is a pretty awesome tool-set. I really enjoy what it has brought to the table compared to the older versions but there is one thing that makes it hard for me to use RPG Maker MV though, which is the fact that the engine is locked to 48x48.  Without the use of plugins for changing the...
  6. GambleMountain

    Ads in MV

    Will I be able to put ads in my mobile game with ease? Thank you! 
  7. GambleMountain

    So much fun here!

    This forum is a blast! Great mods, great community, fun events. I'm glad I signed up here. 
  8. GambleMountain

    ConkrMich's Free GFX [MV Maid Costume]

    updating thread
  9. GambleMountain

    Are you moving on to MV?

    I'm curious. I have a VX Ace license myself, how many of you are considering upgrading to MV?  I'd really like to myself.
  10. GambleMountain

    Transfer steam license

    Is it possible to transfer my license key that I used on my steam account to a stand alone version of RPGMaker VX Ace? I can't stand being stuck to steam anymore. I really regret buying software via steamstore. 
  11. GambleMountain

    does this engine support 16x16

  12. GambleMountain

    Hello I'm new!

    Hey I'm a pixel artist! I have come to work with people and discuss RPG Maker games. I use VX and Game Maker. 

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