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  1. Morganis

    failed to load img/tilesets/world_b.png

    hello guys. I got around to messing with mz. I deleted all the stuff that came with and replaced with my own. I made a map and put in the tileset im using now. it does not call for world_b.png but rather my tileset name. when i start the game i get that message, failed to load...
  2. Morganis

    parallax size

    Hello all, I wanted to ask about parallax mapping. I know you need a ! in front of the name and the width and hight have to be the same on the map as in the editor. I have a few maps already working right with the ! and the right sizes. I went to put a new map in the editor and it is named...
  3. Morganis

    yanfly updates

    hello, hope this is the right place for this thread seemed correct. If you already own yanflys plugins, is there a way you can update them if they have newer versions? i did not see a way on the wiki page which seems like the new site. I don't know, thanks for any tips.
  4. Morganis

    change grid size in mv editor

    Hello all, is it possible to change the grid size in the mv editor?
  5. Morganis


    Ok I'm sorry. Last attempt :) I have single images of sprites. They are in a 256. X 256 box but the actual size of the Sprite itself is 64 x 120. So there is a lot of room around the Sprite in the 256 x 256 box. I want to make a Sprite sheet that is 4096 x 1024 Wich is grid size of 128 x 32 and...
  6. Morganis

    Sprite sheets

    Hello, I am trying to make Sprite sheets with individual frame sprites. I have 8 single frame sprites. The box size around the sprites are 256 x 256. But that leaves aot of room around the Sprite. I'm trying to figure out how to make this Sprite sheet closer to the size of the actual Sprite and...
  7. Morganis

    Custom Movement

    Hello, I am having an issue with the custom movement route. It will not let me select the list to select you or any other character from the drop list above the command window. I cant select wait for completion either. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Morganis

    Character walking and running speed

    Hello all, I was wondering if there was a way to make characters move slower so it would take longer to cross the world map?
  9. Morganis

    Icon scaling

    Hello all, Have another silly question I think :) I am wanting to make a custom icon set. I know mv icons are 32 x 32. I found the perfect I icons and purchased it. Problem is they are 256x256 and when I scale em down they are just bad. I thought scaling down wasn't as bad on quality as scaling...
  10. Morganis

    sprite sheet help

    Hello all, I have a very silly question im sure, im such a newb. Anyways, I have sprites that are 256 x 256. But, that is the box size around the character which I believe is 47 x 123. Problem is if used this way the collision is messed up im guessing because of how much bigger the box is around...
  11. Morganis

    Plug in update

    Hello, I just found out that in mv editor, you can go into your plugin manmanager, right click on a plugin and have an option in a list to update. I wanted to know why this doesn't work for me. There is no update option. I'm using build 1.61 the current. Thank you
  12. Morganis

    Sprite sheet move restrictions

    Hello, I have a question. I have a Sprite sheet that works perfect. Problem is if a put a chest down, I move my character up to it to open it, my character walks through it and is stopped two tiles above the chest and not just before the chest like normal as and being 2 tiles above the chest, if...
  13. Morganis

    parralax VS editor

    Hello, I was wondering why a 256x256 parallax map would cause issues but a 256x256 editor map would not? At least that's the impression I get :) Thanks for any help with this.
  14. Morganis

    roof show on screen

    Hello all, Sorry, I think the title is misleading :) wasn't sure how to word it. I would like to have a roof on a house stay showing, and when the character gets to the doorway to enter the house I want the roof to disappear, then reappear when leaving the house. Is this possible, I cant get it...
  15. Morganis

    256x256 parallax map

    Hello everyone, I was hoping for a bit of advice. I am doing an open world game and want to know if its possible to make a 256x256 parallax map for the world map without any issues. The rest of my maps will be small in comparison but to make this game work as far as world map, I need to make it...
  16. Morganis

    Image quality

    Hello all, might not be posting this in the right thread, forgive me if so. I have made a map for a table top game but want to use it in my. When I put it into my the map image seems a bit unclear. Maybe because of higher resolution or something? I'm trying to figure out what I can do to make it...
  17. Morganis

    Image delays on screen

    Hello friends, First I want to say thanks to everyone in this community, you are appreciated. I hope this is in the right place. I am having an issue with images having a delay when I start the game or enter a building and exit the building. It is yanflys Doodads I believe causing this. It is a...
  18. Morganis

    Selling your game

    Hello all, I have a question and thank you for any help or advice. Say you have completed a game and it's ready for sell. If you got the game but do not have rpg maker mv would you still be able to play it? Is the game creation software basically for just mv owners? Thank you kindly.
  19. Morganis

    Ultima quest of the Avatar menu system

    Hey all, Im a very big Ultima fan and I really like the quest of the Avatar menu system. I would like to see the body of the heroes with boxes next to it where you can drop equipment into the boxes that will show on the heroes. Like drag the helm to the helm slot box, sword, armor and so forth...
  20. Morganis

    48x48 grid related to gimp pixel size.

    Hello all, I have 2 question if I may and I'm sorry if this is not the right thread for this. First I am creating a paralax map useing gimp. I am trying to figure out the formula to do this. Mv s map size is 48x48. So if I was creating a map in gimp in pixel size, how would I make the map as in...

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