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  1. Cherry-sama

    Double EXP Item

    Hi, so, I've run into a bit of a snag... See, I want an item that, when equipped, doubles the EXP for the entire party. Right now, however, I've only been able to figure out how to do it where one person gets the double EXP. ...That's not very helpful for grinding. :hswt2: I tried rummaging...
  2. Cherry-sama

    My Antivirus Deleted the .exe file

    I don't know where to put this, but my Antivirus up and decided to quarantine an exe file for RPG Maker MV. I tried to restore the file by following online advice...but that ended up deleting the file entirely. Hence my dilemma. It was only one file that was deleted, and it was the main exe...
  3. Cherry-sama

    Equipment Optimization Script Command?

    I have a part in my game where the Player is stripped of his equipment for one battle, and fights it in his undies. Afterward, he puts his clothes back on. I was just wondering if there was a way to to do the Optimize Equipment command in an event so the Player doesn't manually have to put all...
  4. Cherry-sama

    Where is index.html?

    So, when updating my game, I got the same error as everybody else has: Looking around the forums, the answer that keeps popping up is to "replace/update your index.html file", but I've searched in every folder in my game projects and I can't find "index.html" anywhere. Even when I created...
  5. Cherry-sama

    Problem with Yanfly's Phoenix Ring Item

    I've been playtesting my game, and I noticed that, during a battle where the Player is supposed to lose, the Phoenix Ring from Yanfly's Tips and Tricks ( keeps bringing the Player back to life, even after the ring was supposed to "break". I've updated everything...
  6. Cherry-sama

    EXP Progression Outside of Battle?

    I'm not sure exactly where I should ask this, but  here goes. I've been thinking of awarding the Player with EXP on top of Gold in order to help balance my game a bit. With that said, is there a way to bring up the EXP Leveling thing you see in battles on the main screen? When I click the box...
  7. Cherry-sama

    VX Ace Tileset Converted to MV

    While working on porting my VX Ace Game to MV, I've been trying to convert the tilesets to MV's size without looking too weird. Trying a new technique, I think I've finally got it now. I thought about keeping these to myself, but seeing as these belong to Enterbrain, and I didn't make them, I...
  8. Cherry-sama

    Can someone please recreate modern algebra's Quest Log Script?

    Can someone recreate modern algebra's Quest Log Script? (,45127.0.html) I absolutely loved how much control that script gave you. I know Gameus' Quest Plugin is pretty good, but I want the ability to have the Player complete certain quest points out of order, and...
  9. Cherry-sama

    Temporarily Disable "Formation"?

    There are some glitches in my game that are caused if the player rearranges their party members at a certain point in the game, but not others.  I was wondering if there was a way to temporarily make it so the player can't do that, then allow the player to do it later.
  10. Cherry-sama

    The Albino Hunter

    Download on Steam: Or Download the Free Demo here:[DEMO].exe Kalymn Nox is the Albino Hunter; even his pretentious and slightly racist title can keep him...
  11. Cherry-sama

    Party Member Limit it VX Ace

    In my game, after a certain point, all potential party members are optional, allowing the Player to work with whatever combination they want. With that in mind, when certain cutscenes play, if a specific character is in your party then they will do and say things (with the help of Lemony's...
  12. Cherry-sama

    Yanfly's Ace Message System Question

    Okay, so I recently got Yanfly's Ace Message System ( ) into my game, and it's been great. However, I'm a bit confused as to how you expand the number of rows in a window. It says that it has something to do with variables...
  13. Cherry-sama

    Lemony's Follower Script Problem...

    Alright, so I've been working on the full version of my game for quite some time, and I've been using Lemony's Followers Script ( ) For the most part, it's been great, but I keeping coming across a problem I've been...
  14. Cherry-sama

    Yanfly's Ace Equip Engine Problem

    I've been working on a game and, for the most part, I've been able to fix the problems I've encountered after a lot of trial and error. But this time, I think I'm stuck. ;_; So, in my game, there's a point where the Player must go to a party. In order to go to the party, the Player must have a...

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