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  1. Anthyny

    How dramatic should decision making be?

    Hello there. As topic states, how influential do you want your decision process to be in a game? I'm looking at my branches here and I have a very definite set 9 unique pathways/endings. There's three solid endings, three soft endings and three "you dun goofed" endings. A couple endings are...
  2. Anthyny

    Essentia - 1/11/14

      Last Update: 1/11/14 Demo: Pending Project Recruitment Page: Pending Intro 1/11/14 - Hello everyone, my name is Anthyny and this is the project I've been working on. Essentia is a planned to be a vast and deep story with lots of "Wow, I never would've seen that coming" type of events. The...
  3. Anthyny

    Good Length Before First Battle?

    Hello. I was curious to if there's a length that is considered "Too Long" before that fateful first fight occurs that's usually accompanied by "This is how you play." I'm talking like maybe just 10 minutes of dialogue and intros. 15 if you don't skip the movie intro. Too long or is it...

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I did a bit of a remake on one of the maps, also I made a particle for jumping into the portal, and one for traveling through the portal. I'll probably add more sparkles later to embellish it. :LZSwink:
Polished the animation and added details :kaojoy:
What do you think about the Wood Bridge inside of Volcano?
Yet another gaming question, i'm currently playing Last of Us 2 and want to get another game to play next but can't decide between Ghost of Tsushima, Miles Morales & Jedi Fallen Order. After the latest mandalorian i AM on a star wars kick, but i also LOVED the last spiderman game that prequels Miles Morales. Ghost of Tsushima is the bottom of my list but i heard it was AWESOME. Just want a good story & fun gameplay.

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