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  1. namfoodleJax

    State change enemy sprite

    Hello good folks. I thought there might be a plugin for this, but couldn't find anything. I wanted a really simple plugin to change enemy sprites when they're afflicted with a specific state. For example, a "Frog" state changes their sprite to a frog. Alternatively, something that just scales...
  2. namfoodleJax

    Random Stat Growth by Formula

    Although that plugin gets close to what I want, it uses stat bonuses from equipment into the formula, which makes it wonky - now the better your equipment, the lower the chance to increase the character's stats.
  3. namfoodleJax

    Random Stat Growth by Formula

    Hello and good day to you all. There's a specific thing I've wanted for ages, which is a plugin for random stat growth on level-ups following a specific formula. The chance for a stat to grow would be (Actor's max for the stat - Actor's current stat) / (Actor's max level - Actor's current...
  4. namfoodleJax

    Animated Enemies

    It seems that, when scaling by distance is turned on, the 'center' of the enemy for animations gets wonky. I think the center is the same regardless of scaling. Is there some way to fix this? Thanks in advance, and apologies if this has been noticed before.

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