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  1. Is there ANY way to change button mapping from ABCXYZLR?

    After searching for several hours, I luckily came across this script. I'll post the link in case anyone in the future decides to use it, as I had difficulty finding it. Credit to Cidiomar R. Dias Junior.
  2. Is there ANY way to change button mapping from ABCXYZLR?

    Are there any scripts, or any way that I could directly change the button mapping to swap out the default "ABCXYZLR" button mapping? I have an event where the player must press a sequence of buttons, and I would like to make the player hit the buttons H-E-L-P rather than something unintuitive...
  3. Non-Combat Menu

    That's perfect! Thanks mjshi, this script is awesome:)
  4. How to delay appearance of Title Screen Menu?

    Thanks for all the responses and help! For anyone in the future, I think I found a fix.... put this in your script under def create_command_window: @command_window.hide.deactivate #you added this to allow delay of title command Then, under def update: if @counter <= 700 #added for...
  5. Non-Combat Menu

    Nice script mjshi! Do you know if there is any way to get the disable save menu option (on page 3 of event commands) to work with this? If you set it to disable, it will not grey it out and you can still save. I am thinking it can be fixed with a copy and paste of some of the command window script?
  6. How to delay appearance of Title Screen Menu?

    Alright, I tried adding "sleep" into the window_titlecommand like this: class Window_TitleCommand < Window_Command #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization...
  7. How to delay appearance of Title Screen Menu?

    Thanks for the help anyways. It will come in handy for mv:). I'm pretty sure it's as simple as entering a couple lines in a script to delay initialization of the window, but I can't find anything.
  8. How to delay appearance of Title Screen Menu?

    Is there any sort of script or option to do this? I have a logo (via a picture) that fades in after a couple of seconds on the Title Screen, and would like to delay initialization of the start menu to coincide with it. I'm fairly sure it's a simple solution, and I've looked around in various...

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