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  1. Sigony

    Re-investing your game's profits to generate more profits - discussion

    Have you ever released a game, and then felt like you can kick back and relax? WRONG. Your game, once released, is not fixed. You can update it. Once you have accumulated some money from the sales, perhaps of an alpha or beta, you can invest said money back into making the game more...
  2. Sigony

    Collaborating: your best and worst experiences

    I’d love to read some discussions about experiences of collaborating on a project and what can go wrong and what can go right, and how you currently approach collaboration.
  3. Sigony

    The "This game feature captivated me" thread

    Whenever you are playing a game and really feel captivated, take the time to ask yourself why, and then post here a detailed explanation. Hopefully, we can have a long list of captivating features, which doesn't just include game mechanics, it could also be story, graphics, art, the...
  4. Sigony

    Idea: Rare rewards based on how much the player over-damages enemies.

    Mechanic: Allow enemy HP to go below 0, and take the absolute value of the number. Depending on this acquired value, the player has a chance at a desirable event like a rare drop table and so on. Benefit: This incentivises a player to go all out on enemies even if they're easily defeated...
  5. Sigony

    Your favourite ways to foreshadow?

    What are some of the ways that you foreshadow and make promises to your player to later fulfill, in your own games? What about particularly genius examples of foreshadowing you’ve seen in other media?
  6. Sigony

    POLL: What kind of status HUD do you prefer?

    Feel free to discuss why you prefer a specific HUD down below. Do you DISLIKE a specific kind of HUD?
  7. Sigony

    RMMV Notes on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

    Introduction I'm sharing my notes so that you too can benefit from them (as if they're any good anyway :kaodes: ) and also any discussion. I'm not a trained writer, I'm a programmer, but I do think that a story is very important for a game. So, I've been trying to learn how to integrate...
  8. Sigony

    How would you resolve dead content with different scaling systems?

    Introduction I want to explore some ideas about resolving dead content, and even recycling content, and I think I may as well have it be open for discussion. As small game devs, it benefits us to have the content go a long way for us, rather than us going a long way for more content. What are...
  9. Sigony

    Sneak peak at a combat-related plugin I'm working on

    The graphics shown are from the "Time Fantasy" resource pack for RMMV ([Copyright](C) Jason Perry) The same creator created the pixel animations shown. The gif doesn't really do the animations justice. The work that I have done is the actual movement of the sprites. Lots of work to do, more...
  10. Sigony

    RMMV Making a plugin dependent on an existing plugin(s); what considerations should one make?

    There's a lot of useful code already written, so it makes sense to utilize it. BUT, then you need to worry about the license, the credit, the potential that a change in the existing plugin will break your plugin for some people. And, if you are indeed releasing your plugins, there's the fact...
  11. Sigony

    Integrate mobile apps with desktop games.

    Idea This is a unique idea, I think. Let's say that a PC gamer has to leave the cuddly warmth of your game for the harsh world outside. They walk to the bus stop. Their phone was counting their steps. Every step they took contributed toward some benefit in the game of a cosmetic nature. Maybe...
  12. Sigony

    Everyday they shufflin' | Sigony's Bouncy People

    Sigony's Bouncy People | v1.1 by Sigony Image utilizes the "Time Fantasy" Resource Pack, [Copyright](C) Jason Perry. Introduction This plugin does the same thing as if you were to go into "event page > set movement route > stepping animation ON". Except it does this by default for everyone...
  13. Sigony

    [Desktop] Copy/Delete Maps In-Game - Sigony's Map Additions

    Sigony's Map Additions by Sigony version 1.1 Introduction This RMMV plugin allows you to copy and delete maps using plugin commands, meaning this can happen in-game. This has some powerful possibilities for those with imagination. Important This plugin manipulates your project's files and...

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