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  1. LadyBaskerville

    LadyBaskerville's Random Resources

    This is a collection of random resources (mostly edits) I made for requests or for myself. Terms of use: Free for use in both non-commercial and commercial RPG Maker projects. Credit is appreciated, but not required. Edits and reposts of edits are allowed. Since most of these are edits of...
  2. LadyBaskerville

    Extra Status Window (Additional window for showing party's alignment, progress and more)

    Extra Status v1.1.3 LadyBaskerville Introduction This plugin creates a highly customizable status screen that can be accessed from the main menu. It is mainly focused on displaying numeric values ranging between a minimum and a maximum value, like the alignment on a good--evil scale...
  3. LadyBaskerville

    LadyBaskerville's Miscellaneous Javascript Snippets

    Over the last months, I've accumulated a few code snippets I did for requests. While none of them deserves its own plugin thread, I wanted to share them somewhere in case someone else might find use in them. They are posted below as both .js files to download and place directly in your plugins...
  4. LadyBaskerville

    More HUD Faces - Extension for Moghunter's Battle, Party, and Actor HUDs

    More Hud Faces (Moghunter Extension) v1.2.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Moghunter / Atelier Rgss provides visually impressive plugins to show your actors' faces on the screen, be it in battle or on the map. However, the MV plugins do not provide an easy way to change the graphic assigned to an...
  5. LadyBaskerville

    Summon Actor

    Summon Actor v1.3.2 LadyBaskerville Introduction Summoning creatures that replace the party in battle is a feature in many RPGs. While it is possible to create a Summoning system purely with events, doing so can be quite cumbersome, especially with a large number of...
  6. LadyBaskerville

    Changing party members after battle - maybe solved?

    EDIT: With setInterval to check every 100 milliseconds whether the current map is Scene_Map, it is now working. Still, that approach seems quite dirty to me, so I'd like to hear a more experienced programmer's opinion on the matter :) My problem with a bit of context, although it probably...
  7. LadyBaskerville

    Equipment Variables

    Equipment Variables v1.03 LadyBaskerville Introduction By default, equipment can change an actor's parameters like MHP, ATK and MDF, and assign a wide range of traits to the actor that has equipped it. However, what equipment cannot do, is to change variables based on which actor...
  8. LadyBaskerville

    RPG Maker XP Graphics for RPG Maker VX Ace (Tilesets and Characters)

    (Download links at the bottom of the post) Now with character sheets! I resized and reformatted the tilesets from RPG Maker XP for use in MV a while ago (they can be found here). I still had the 32x32 pixel versions of the reformatted tiles, so I thought I might as well share them...
  9. LadyBaskerville

    RPG Maker XP Graphics for RPG Maker MV (Tilesets and Characters)

    (Download links at the bottom of the post) Now with character sheets! I resized and reformatted the tilesets from RPG Maker XP for use in MV a while ago and thought I might as well share them here. As of now, I only upscaled the graphics using the "Fast" method of the RTP Scaler by...
  10. LadyBaskerville

    Confirm Reload

    Confirm Reload v1.00 LadyBaskerville Introduction Have you ever accidentally hit F5 while playing your RPG Maker game and lost half an hour of progress when the game reloaded and sent you back to the title screen? Probably not, unless you're like me and tend to press buttons you...
  11. LadyBaskerville

    YED_SideviewBattler Enemies

    I'm encountering a problem when using the YED_SideviewBattler plugin to animate enemies: The frames appear next to each other instead of animating properly. It looks more or less like this: The actor at the very top is animated with the same plugin and the exact same notetag...
  12. LadyBaskerville

    Pokemon More Moves (Extension Plugin for SRD_PKM_4MovesOnly)

    Pokemon More Moves v1.00 LadyBaskerville Introduction This plugin is an extension plugin for SumRndmDde's Pokemon 4 Moves Only plugin, which limits the number of skills each actor can learn to 4. With this extension, you will be able to determine the maximum number of skills...
  13. LadyBaskerville

    Guide to On-Map Encounters

    Guide to On-Map Encounters Hello everyone! In this tutorial I will show you how to create enemies as events on the map instead of random encounters. Everything in this tutorial can be done without plugins or script calls. This tutorial consists of three sections. In the first section, we will...
  14. LadyBaskerville

    More practical way to group on-map enemies?

    I'm using on-map encounters in my game project, but instead of each enemy event sending the player into a battle with multiple enemies I would prefer a system in which the number of enemy events on the map is the same as the number of enemies (not troops) the player actually fights. I have found...
  15. LadyBaskerville

    Hello everyone!

    After lurking around this forum for quite a while, I finally decided to join. I've been using the RPGMaker engines for about three years, first dabbling in VXAce Lite, then I bought XP (mainly because I loved and still love the art style), and I few months ago, I got MV, and it is awesome! I'm...

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