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  1. Point08

    RMMZ Syntax help for returning/checking party members class

    I'm trying to set each party member's MP to 0, if they are a specific class. I put the below snippet in the Battle Event for one of my troops. If I remove the if statement logic is iterates through all party members and sets MP to 0. I've tried assigning the current class to a variable but I...
  2. Point08

    Using MP spent during turn to return MP to actor

    First, the problem. I have a bit of code that based on my thought process, with an MP cost of 10, should result in the user getting back 6 MP. The result though, is always just 5 MP. Here is the code: var tempMP = ($gameVariables.value(12[i]) - $gameVariables.value(11[i]) * -0.1) + 5...
  3. Point08

    where is the current battle turn # stored

    Hopefully this hasn't been answered as I tried searching multiple ways and couldn't find it. I'm trying to find where the current turn number, during battle, is stored, so I can access it during a function. I know there are other ways to do this (using event pages), but if at all possible, I'd...
  4. Point08

    Pixel Point - Point08's Edits and Customs

    4/5/2017 - I've finally gotten some of these assets formatted for use with Yanfly's Grid Free Doodads plugin. The books aren't done yet, sorry, they're time consuming, but I'm getting there and will post them soon. I'll update the link when the books are ready. Books are included and the zip...
  5. Point08

    Skills on equipment and based on level

    I posted this in another forum and it got several views, but it seems no one has an answer. I'm kind of surprised because I didn't think this would be all that difficult to implement. Anyway, here goes: I'm sure someone has probably asked about this before, but I couldn't find a thread...

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