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  1. NekroG

    Passable Tiles not passable?

    To me it looks like its setup right, why won't it let me move in any direction on these tiles?
  2. NekroG

    Door flashes as open....

    I have a small thing that is bugging me, I tried to set this switch up to unlock a door, but set it on a timer so it locks after 5 seconds, but when you click on the door it shows it as open while the text is playing. What part of the code is causing this? I have a feeling its something...
  3. NekroG

    Issue with Yanflys Animated Sideview enemies

    So this plugin use to work as it was supposed to,  but ever since the rpg maker mv update ive had an issue where the sprites "dance" like so: Any idea how to fix this or if something else could be causing this?
  4. NekroG

    Help with Variables

    Im making my first game and thought I understood Variables, but they dont seem to be working as I thought they would Heres a small piece, After the top text the scene stops without continuing.  What I want: The character collects "Hearts of the city"  I tried to set variable Heart...

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