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  1. JDevain

    Is there a way to make BGM not automatically loop?

    Hello. Let me describe what I'm trying to do. You're on Map 1 and a song (BGM) starts. You transfer to Map 2 and the song continues uninterrupted. So far, no problem. Then that song ends, and a parallel process is checking every 60 frames to see if a BGM is playing. If not, then it starts a new...
  2. JDevain

    Script call for show animation (wait) -- (it's the "wait" part I don't get)

    Hello. I want the current event to trigger animation #5 in another event (whose ID # is set as the value of Variable #25), so I have: $gameMap.event($gameVariables.value(25)).requestAnimation(5); But how do I make it wait? As in finish playing the animation before executing the next line. In...
  3. JDevain

    using a condition to check if player is moving diagonally.

    Hello. I'm using Galv's Diagonal Movement plugin. I want to set a condition to check if the player is facing diagonally. In the Conditional Branches "Script" field, to check if the player is facing down, I'm using: $gamePlayer.direction() == 2 That works, no problem. But if I use a diagonal...
  4. JDevain

    Hoping someone can make this compatible with Yanfly's Self Switches and Variables

    Hi there. I have a modified version of Galv's Puzzle Functions. What the original did (among other things) was to allow an event to flip a self switch in an adjacent event. For example, in the Autonomous Move Route's script command you could put this...
  5. JDevain

    Asking for help modifying a plugin

    Hello. I'm trying to modify Galv's Puzzle Functions script. Here's his terms of use. I suppose I could have put this in Plugin Requests, but I decided it probably belongs here, because I want to understand why what I'm doing isn't working. The original script allows you to trigger an adjacent...
  6. JDevain

    Condition for "if event 41 is erased" or "if event Self Switch C for event 41 is on"

    Hello. By using Yanfly's MoveRouteCore I have an event set to move to event 41, but it will move to that event even if the event has been erased. Is there a way to check to see if an event has been erased? If that's not possible, then a second (but less desirable) option would be to check if...
  7. JDevain

    Need help with Yanfly's Move Route Core & Self Switches and Variables

    PLUGINS: Move Route Core Self Switches and Variables I have an event that I want to move to another event on the map. Normally, with Move Route Core, you just use the javascript command "MOVE TO: EVENT 5". However, I'm also using the Self Switches and Variables plugin, which you can control...
  8. JDevain

    A question about closing the message window

    Howdy, y'all. I'm using Yanfly's Event Click Trigger, which makes it so you can mouse-click an event to activate it. Anyway, I have an event (let's call it "Event #1") that I can click to open a message window. Next to it is Event #2, which, when I click, will open another message window. Cool...
  9. JDevain

    Remotely turn off Self Switch A for ALL events on another map

    Hello. I have a map with 170 events, and I'd like to turn off the Self Switch A for all of them before teleporting to the map. I know I can use: $gameSelfSwitches.setValue([35, 1, 'A'], false); $gameSelfSwitches.setValue([35, 2, 'A'], false); $gameSelfSwitches.setValue([35, 3, 'A'], false)...
  10. JDevain

    Setting a switch's value to another switch's value

    I've got about 20 switches that I'd like set to the values of 20 other switches. For example, set switch 1 to the same value as switch 101, and switch 2 to the value of switch 102, etc. This is something I need to do pretty often, so I'd like to avoid running 20 conditional operations in a row...
  11. JDevain

    Do you or anyone you know have a superpower?

    Some of us are blessed/cursed with highly specialized abilities. I seem to have a real knack for spotting sociopaths. Not the greatest superpower, but I reckon it has saved me some grief over the years. I never knew anyone who could make themselves invisible or climb up walls, but I had a...
  12. JDevain

    Script call for changing the movement speed of an event

    I'd like to set an event's movement speed to something in between the hard-coded speeds (like to 3.5, for example). I couldn't find it on the spreadsheet. Thanks!
  13. JDevain

    Script call for Movement > Set Event Location > Exchange with another event

    Hello, I'd like to exchange an event location with another event designated with a variable, rather than the drop down list provided in the editor. I looked through the script call spreadsheet, but it didn't have anything for that specifically. Anyone know what it is? Thanks! EDIT: By the...
  14. JDevain

    Can I change player character's priority?

    Hello, I'd like to temporarily change the player's priority to Below Characters, so that events will walk right over the player. I know I could instead change the priority of all the moving events to Above Characters, but I don't want to do that for other reasons. Is there a way to change the...
  15. JDevain

    Script call for conditional branch checking multiple conditions

    I need to check two separate variables at the same time, like this: if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else (change values for vars 25 and 26) if $gameVariables.value(25) = 0 AND $gameVariables.value(26) = 3 (do some stuff) else etc. I remember...
  16. JDevain

    Script call for Set Movement Route > Switch On

    Hello, I'm trying to figure out the script call for Set Movement Route (for Event 001) > Switch On I found this in rpg_objects.js: $gameSwitches.setValue(params[0], true); But I don't understand how to set it for a specific event (like Event 1), and I don't understand what to change "params"...
  17. JDevain

    Is there a way to change the jump speed?

    To be clear, I'm talking about the speed that the player or event moves while jumping, so that the jump takes less or more time. The speed and frequency in Autonomous Movement doesn't seem to affect it. Thanks! EDIT: OK, so I messed around and came up with this a little plugin based on some...
  18. JDevain

    Controlling the speed at which the message screen opens

    To be clear, I'm not talking about the speed of the text inside the dialogue window, but the actual opening of window itself. It takes about, I dunno, 20 frames to open? I'd like to make it instant. Is there a way to do that? (btw, wasn't sure if this should be in the javascript forum, because...
  19. JDevain

    Changing player's animation frame rate but not actual speed

    Hello, I'm using Shaz's More Character Frames plugin, and my main avatar has 14 frames for each walking direction. In other words, the sprite sheet is 14 columns and 4 rows. The problem is that the animations are cycling too slowly, causing a "skating" effect. I need a way to speed up the FPS...
  20. JDevain

    Tiles that are impassable, but only from certain other tiles.

    Hello, Referring to the image below, here's what I'm trying to do: If you're standing on a grass tile, then you can move to a snow tile or a sand tile. If you are standing on a snow tile, then you can move to a grass tile, but not a sand tile. If you are standing on a sand tile, then you can...

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