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  1. ZirconStorms

    RGSS3 Terrain Tags Refresh Glitch

    Script link: Changing tilesets via the change tileset command will break all "COVER" values set on the map. Is there a way to fix this? Example map setup: *18 = tiles under this region will have a higher Z value than the...
  2. ZirconStorms

    [RMVX ACE] Make Skill Menu look like Item Menu

    How do you bring up German and English text/vocab? Is it an option users can change whenever?
  3. ZirconStorms

    [VX Ace] Title Command Window Problem in Script

    I'd recommend just looking elsewhere for scripts. Possible alternatives: Acezon - Map As Titlescreen + Galv - Layer Graphics. Claimh - タイトルカスタマイズ...
  4. ZirconStorms

    [VX Ace] Title Command Window Problem in Script

    Yeah you'd have to stick to whole numbers I think. Also I have to second what TheoAllen said. No offense to the original scripter but this code is a complete mess. I'd recommend finding something else. (Hard to come by scene_title scripts that don't have particles + command pics but I'm sure...
  5. ZirconStorms

    [VX Ace] Title Command Window Problem in Script

    If you're trying to get a scrolling parallax effect, an alternative option would be to set up new sprites/planes or customize the current ones in Scene_Title, nd make them manually update x/y/whatever. You'd just need to alias def update, and make sure to dispose of any new graphics.
  6. ZirconStorms

    Help with wavy screen effect

    Why would you need to get the id through the script call if you're trying to only affect picture ID 20...? Also you should probably link to the script you're using so it's easier for people to help out.
  7. ZirconStorms

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Window_ChoiceList - For animation purposes, how would I be able to dispose of the choice window while not having to rely on close commands? def call_ok_handler $ close #to remove? end def call_cancel_handler...
  8. ZirconStorms

    [RGD] DirectX implementation of RGSS3

    Acezon's Map as title script gets super wonky with scene transitions. For example, if someone enters Scene_Status through a title command; exiting out of that scene back to the title will cause a bit of a dark flash to occur, and the typical scene fade/transition doesn't happen at all. (note...
  9. ZirconStorms

    Script bug - FenixFyreX MultiFrame sprites

    Have to paste the original script here as the original page/files are lost. This script doesn't seem to work with large (8 character) sheets, specifically because of "frame_max". Idk how to fix this. When writing in the module for a solo ($) sprite, making frame_max the amount of total frames...
  10. ZirconStorms

    Composite sprite script request

    If you have specific things in your game that you need people to keep in mind, write them in your post. How are people supposed to know these things beforehand? Anyways you could fix the face sheet issue on the second one, if you're sticking to 1x1 faces only. Seems like you can preface a file...
  11. ZirconStorms

    Composite sprite script request (needs: Note that this is for map character sprites only. I'm sure there's a battlers composite sprite...
  12. ZirconStorms

    Replace actor faceset in event messages based on switches and variables

    You'd have to go and edit def new_page, add this after contents.clear and before draw_face($game_message.face_name, $game_message.face_index, 0, 0) if $game_message.face_name == "1-Claire-Intro" case $game_variables[1] when 1 $game_message.face_name = $game_switches[1] ...
  13. ZirconStorms

    Bitmap Effects

    (edited, solved my script issue)
  14. ZirconStorms

    I Need A Simple Script That Temporarily Disables The Use Of Items.

    Do you want to hide the option, or should it still be in the menu? And how do you want to hide the option - with a switch or script call?
  15. ZirconStorms

    [rgss3] bitmap.draw_text and slicing text/line breaks

    It's not for the background, no. I'm using this script for random segments in the game, paired with animation easing methods and picture-specific effects. I know I could technically just type the text onto a transparent image file and use that; I'd really rather avoid that since my project is...
  16. ZirconStorms

    [rgss3] bitmap.draw_text and slicing text/line breaks

    In relation to this script: I was previously working with a hack solution of just adding various :text arguments, each with their own y values, to fake the look of different lines. But it's a chore and doesn't...
  17. ZirconStorms

    Ruby/RGSSx questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Anyway to use line breaks with bitmap.draw_text commands?

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