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  1. How do I change back color of the Display Name:?

    I use a black text on my game.  Because of that, dark back colors during my windows don't work so well. I was able to change the back color for my battle log by using this script: Window_BattleLog.prototype.backColor = function() {          return '#ffffff'; }; I was hoping...
  2. How to write an If : Script : Variable = "word"

    I would like to set up a conditional branch that checks if a variable is equal to a specific word instead of a number or variable.  Something like this: If : Script : $GameVariables.value(1) = "word" Is it possible to do this?  And if so - would someone write me an example so I can correct...
  3. How do I check an Enemy's TP?

    Basically what I am looking for is the equivalent of this Conditional Branch script: $ < 10 except for enemies instead of actors. I tried $gameEnemies.enemy(1).tp < 10 and I got an error. I tired $gameTroop.members(1).tp < 10.  Though I didn't get an error that time -...
  4. How to add a variable to the target's parameter using damage formula

    I am trying to create a skill that increases an ally's attack (Scope: 1 ally) by the value of a variable (increasing it by the value of the user's magic attack (+ a.mat) would work also). I've been having some success at this by applying States and then using a common event to apply parameter...
  5. Issue getting the correct face to show during a battle event

    I am using Shaz's Plugin MoreEscapeCodes2. Screenshot1 (the second one) is the event where I control variables and enter the text message.  Screenshot2 is the text message that results. For some reason the image from my file isn't showing in the text message.  Does anyone know why? This...
  6. How can I compare Input Name Processing to a variable?

    First I have the player name an Actor using the Name Input Processing event command. After that - what I am trying to do is set up a condition that checks if the name the player inputted is equal to a Variable. Does anyone know how to do this?  
  7. How do I edit the Battle Message Background?

    As the title suggests, I am trying the alter the color of the Battle Message backgrounds during my battle events (the messages that occur at the top of the screen during the event - not in the text message). It is black... and as I currently use a black-colored text it clashes pretty bad and...
  8. How to write a condition that checks TP?

    Does anyone know how to set up a conditional branch that checks for the amount of TP a player has?
  9. How to set a variable to 1 ? \V[x] - (rand($game_variables[x] +1

    In VX Ace the way I did this was set the Operand to Script: rand($game_variables[1] +1 Does anyone know how to rewrite this script for MV?  I'm getting a syntax error.
  10. How can I check when a specific item is being used inside a common event?

    I was wondering if there is a way to write a condition that checks if a specific item is being used.   Being able to insert conditions onto the item itself inside the database (perhaps in the formula bar) might work as well.  I'm not sure if that's possible or how to go about doing it if it is...
  11. How do I change enemy parameters using variables?

    Is there anyway I can increase or decrease the value of variables to my enemy parameters? I've always found it odd that it lets you do this so easily for Actors yet neglects the process for enemies.   Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Change Parameter for Enemies Script/Plugin for enemies

    I am hoping someone can help convert this script into a JS file plugin or some other MV-compatible format:   class Game_Enemy < Game_Battler   def change_param(param_id, value)     enemy.params[param_id] = value   end end   This script allowed me to change enemy parameters based on...
  13. how do you add variables to enemy stats?

    As an example; let's say I wanted to add the value of variable [170] to my enemy's Attack.   In VX Ace I would add this script to my event:   val = $game_variables[170] if $game_troop.members[0] != nil   $game_troop.members[0].change_param(2,  val) end   I can't remember if it was...
  14. How to change the default text color

    Does anyone know how to change the default text color? Note that I am not referring to text windows created during an event.that can be changed via \C[n].  I am asking specifically about the menu text itself. I would prefer that it was black and not white. 
  15. Syntax Error, Unexpected end of input

    In RPG maker VX Ace I would use Conditional Branch: Script: $game_player.moving? to check if the player was moving or not. When I attempt to use this on MV i keep getting this error. Does anyone know the correct way to write this script condition on MV?
  16. Missing sv_actors - Actor3_1~4

    In my sv_actors folder I am curiously missing Actor3_1~4,. I have Actor3_4~6. This seems odd to me - especially since these same missing actors have character sheets in my other project folders. Is this normal or did I somehow miss downloading them?
  17. Where is the Resource Manager?

    I'm having some trouble locating the Resource Manager on RPG Maker MV so I can import my own Tilesets. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  18. How is the lag?

    In RPG Maker VX Ace I had some difficulty managing the lag created by some of my parallel process events. Does anyone know if this aspect of the Maker has improved?
  19. Trouble with server activation

    I recently re-installed RPG Maker VX Ace on my computer.  But for some reason it stalls forever on Connecting to activation server screen. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I've tried turning off all my virus protection and firewall programs.  This didn't make a difference.
  20. How to save X amount of an Item to a Variable

    I am hoping to save myself a bit of work. What I am wanting to do is equal a variable to X amount of an item.  I was trying a few different ways but I kept getting syntax errors so I was hoping maybe someone could help me with this. An example of what I'm trying to accomplish would be...

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