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  1. WaterfallDweller

    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    I realized my original resolution issue went a bit deeper than I thought. When using 16x16 tile and character assets, there's a visible amount of bleeding/blurring without any upscaling. Below is a side-by-side comparison of what the in-game assets look like on the left, and what the source...
  2. WaterfallDweller

    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    OK, sure thing. However, can you confirm which plugins you used to facilitate the scaling of your own plugin's functionality?
  3. WaterfallDweller

    Tiled Plugin (Demo for RMMV 1.3.0+ Released)

    Thanks for all the work guys! I'm experimenting with using the TileD plugin, and I was wondering if you could give me some insights on how the graphics are scaled up when using lower-res tiles. Specifically, in the included demo, $MUSH_MenuOptionScreenResolution_P1.js seems to be the plugin...

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