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  1. eadgear

    Help with Lag Issue

    This is my very first game, so I don't have that much of knowledge when it comes to technical issue. I added lots of event in a particular map. Whenever I run the game I have no issue with lag. My question is if ever I publish the game will it lag?
  2. eadgear

    Hidden areas

    Hello, Currently working with the game design and I want to add amazing stuff on it which is "hidden areas". It is normal for an rpg to have hidden areas but I don't know which one is best. The first choice is the overworld hidden areas like pokemon legendary locations way likes correct...
  3. eadgear

    Classifieds -offer and service missing. Some recommendation

    I'm just new here and I expect to build a shop here but notice that the classifieds -offer and service is missing. Through research I found out that the main reason is those stupid people advertised and just gone in a thin air, posting ad repeatedly or unrelated to RPG maker. I'm a deviantart...
  4. eadgear

    Game Concept

    Since I was in my 6th grade I started making games, board games to be precise. It is to resolve our boredom. We don't have computers, consoles and cellphones that's why I started to think of, "how about I create some games" I made a lot, I think more that 15 board games. But since we are now in...
  5. eadgear

    New Artist Here

    Hello everyone, I'm eadgear and I am new here but I am not new in art industry. I'm an anime, pixel, scenery and not so skilled but also can do animation of sprites and stuff. I would love to stay here and hoping that some might hire me for their game. You can check my artworks here...

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