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  1. Cinnamon

    How to turn off battle Skill Name popups?

    Hey guys, Is there an easy way to turn off the skill name popups at the top? So "Attack", "Flare", whatever skill is being used. I'm using Yanfly's Battle Engine Core if that helps, but I can't find any easy setting for turning it off. :)
  2. Cinnamon

    What is the main menu window above Gold?

    So I'm trying to customize my Main menu a bit and there's this little empty window above the _goldWindow and below the menu choices. What is it? I can't find it in the script, I can't seem to remove or edit it. I'd like to change it to a different window of mine. Thanks. :)
  3. Cinnamon

    Show Yanfly's Level Up screen from the main menu?

    My game relies heavily on EXP potions instead of EXP from battles. Is it possible to call Yanfly's level up window from the main menu? Say you're using an EXP Potion, and a character levels up. This "level up" would trigger the Level Up screen to appear on top of the Item Window. Then when you...
  4. Cinnamon

    Overwrite "Seal Skill" from a State?

    I've got it set so that characters such as Healers have the Attack skill sealed when they're positioned in the "back". I have a State created to give to the back row characters that seals Attack. However, I'd like to re-enable Attack if they have a ranged weapon equipped. Is there an easy way...
  5. Cinnamon

    How to increase hero's MaxLv from, say, 45 to 46?

    I'm not interested in going beyond 99, but I'd like to manually increase the Max Level of characters. I'll be making a Party EXP bar and whenever it's full, I want the Max Level of everyone to go up one. :)
  6. Cinnamon

    Absorb damage State?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to make a State that absorbs damage. Say Actor 1 has the Absorb State. If he receives physical damage, then maybe 80% of that damage gets converted into HP that heals him and 20% stays damage. And, he has another different state (Absorb State Full) that converts 100%...
  7. Cinnamon

    How to heal the party when using a damage-dealing attack?

    I've got a magic attack set up to call a Common Event. The magic attack deals damage to all enemies. I'd like it to then also heal the entire party. However, I have two problems with this: - I don't know how to check which actors are currently in the battle. I'm using Yanfly's Party script, so...
  8. Cinnamon

    (Yanfly) Is it possible to flash the active actor?

    I'm wondering if there's a way to flash the currently active actor. Or perhaps put a cursor on them. So, say that you're selecting Alex's action. It'd be great if Alex's side-view battler sprite was flashing or had some kinda cursor on it to show that you're selecting him. Instead of just...
  9. Cinnamon

    How to create a "spikes" state?

    If Target has "Spikes" state, then anyone attacking Target with physical damage will a % of receive a % of the damage themselves. How can we create such a state? Is there a plugin for it? Thanks. :)
  10. Cinnamon

    Party bonuses based on party member(actors) combination

    This would be ideal for games with a large cast. Depending on the combination of active party members, there'd be a bonus active. For example, if you choose 4 female characters the "Femme Fatale" bonuses becomes active, granting 10% maxHP boost. :)
  11. Cinnamon

    Anti-lag for on-screen events?

    We all know an anti-lag script for off-screen events is quite common. But what if the lag is coming from events that are ON screen? A lot of my players are experiencing lag in two points of the game. Both feature perhaps 20-30 events on-screen at the same time. Most of them don't move, so I'm...
  12. Cinnamon

    Windows disappear during enemy selection.

    Ever since updating to the latest RMMV core scripts, the battle windows completely disappear during enemy selection. There´s no name window at the top, no window at the bottom -- nothing. I'm guessing there's some kind of incompatibility between either something I edited or a plugin and the new...
  13. Cinnamon

    Could someone move this topic please?

    This topic: To this forum: If it's allowed? I can open a new topic but it seems a bit redundant to have two topics discussing the same project (I'd love to have a new topic in "Project Development" to talk about...
  14. Cinnamon

    Are the IGMC2014 entry pages still available?

    I'd love to read back on the feedback that was posted on Unraveled back in 2014 but I can't seem to find the old website page? Does it still exist? If not, does anyone have an old URL so I can try that Google history thing where Google looks up an old cached version of the website? :)
  15. Cinnamon

    Custom event size / collision plugin?

    Is there a plugin to allow one event to have a larger "size" -- technically? For instance, an event could be 2 tiles "wide". The sprite would be displayed in between these two tiles (so, .x += tile.width / 2). Also collision, event activation, etc. would be calculated based on these 2...
  16. Cinnamon

    Lag on Android (project and apk download links inside).

    I just deployed and placed a new RMMV project (updated to RMMV 1.2.0) on my Android phone, a Galaxy S5, a fast phone, but there's some lag going on. There's almost nothing in the project; all I'm testing is walking left and right, but there's some noticeable lag. I think the frame rate stays...
  17. Cinnamon

    Can't get a bitmap redrawn. [XP]

    I am totally lost as to why this is not working, because I've done it like this before I'm sure and it has worked. If I remove ".bitmap.clear" then it works fine. But I need bitmap.clear so I don't keep writing the same bitmap on top of each other whenever I want to redraw the flag. Here's...
  18. Cinnamon

    What's a good self-contained JS hub?

    I've been using CodeAcademy, but I'm looking for something a bit more local to learn JS. Basically I just want to write a couple of functions and test them. Like a function that calculates 2^x, a function that calls that function and adjusts it. Self-contained simple stuff like that. What...
  19. Cinnamon

    Can we input foreign characters? e.g. Simplified Chinese

    I'm wondering if it's possible to put Simplified Chinese and other foreign characters (Hiragana, Kanji, etc.) in RPG Maker MV without issues at one point in the creation process? E.g. when creating the project file, when saving, etc. And what would be displayed if one plays the game but does...

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