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  1. chiithecat

    I'm really struggling to save and replay BGM

    Hey.......... I'm working on saving and replaying bgm and it doesn't work at all. Currently, I'm using another map to save and load game files. For example, when I click on an object, I'm transported to the map where I can save files, and after saving, I'm transported to the map and position...
  2. chiithecat

    RMMV Does HIME PreTitleEvents plugin crash with variables?

    Hey! I'm currently having trouble with plug-in HIME_PreTitleEvents. The plug-in allows me to designate a map as a title screen and I can put whatever event I want there. The problem is, I think it's colliding with a variable somehow. I made auto...
  3. chiithecat

    Hello! Nice to meet you all!! :)

    I'm Jo from Team Chii the Cat. I've been here for couple of years, but I kept quiet reading posts and trying out games alone until recently. I thought I wasn't good enough to be talking among all the experts here, and most of all I was afraid that I might make mistakes and say inappropriate...
  4. chiithecat

    RMMV [Mystery Horror] House of Rules

    House of Rules by Team Chii The Cat Hello! We are team Chii the Cat and this is our first project. My fellow, MMQ, is in charge of arts and graphics. And I myself, Jo, am doing the rest including game design and etc. We wrote the scenario together. Because we have only two people on the team...
  5. chiithecat

    RMMV Custom load background from titlescreen

    I'm trying to use custom backgrounds for the load scene. I managed to have the save screen show custom picture as background, but now I don't know how to show the same background when I try to load files. From the title screen, when I choose to load, the title background picture gets blurred and...
  6. chiithecat

    nw.js error - can't find "Web Data" or "Web Data-journal"

    Go to your app data folder in Windows (C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Local). If you can't find it, make sure you can see hidden folders. Delete the folder "nwjs". Go inside the folder 'User Data". Then go inside the folder "Default". Look for the files "Web Data" and "Web Data-journal"...
  7. chiithecat

    [RMMV] Adjusting initial cursor position in save screen

    I've been playing with the window plug-ins to see what changes I can make to some of the screens. For some reason, when I first open the save screen to save, my cursor doesn't show. As I try to move up and down with the arrow keys, the cursor shows up. I think I've changed something in the...
  8. chiithecat

    RMMV compatible menu background and arrow plug-ins

    Hey I'm having trouble with changing menu backgrounds and arrows to custom images. When I use SRD's menubackgrounds plug-in, VE ArrowCursor plug-in seems to work fine, but the background image often doesn't show initially. (which is obviously a well-known issue when using SRD's plug-in and I'm...
  9. chiithecat

    How do I change the text shown on the save screen?

    I've been making changes in the window.js file to make my save screen look a little different. How can I change the text I've highlighted red? I don't want any change in font or size, I just want to write something else like "Memories" or "Record your memories" instead of "Save to which file?"...
  10. chiithecat

    Making cutscenes by inserting a movie clip(screen size error)

    Hey I'm a real newbie here and I'm learning so much from you guys! I'm a starter and English is not my first language so I apologize in advance if I sound a little awkward or if I don't give you enough information about the problem. (If so, let me know!) In my project, there are some cutscenes...
  11. chiithecat

    What's the real difference between 'fade-out' and 'tint screen'?

    Hey I'm having some problems with 'fade-out' but I have another thread for it.. Here I want to ask about the difference between 'fade-out' and 'tint screen'. I know what they can do in-game; 'fade-out' making the screen black and 'tint screen' tinting the screen with colors I choose(obviously..)...
  12. chiithecat

    RMMV HELP!! Pictures don't show.. I think it's a plugin problem

    My game was working completely fine... but suddenly when I installed Galv's CamControl plugin, any of the pictures don't show!! The bigger problem is that even when I turn all the plugins off, the problem doesn't seem to go away:( I'm really desperate to use some help... What could be the...
  13. chiithecat

    RMMV Changing the Save Menu background by SRD plugin

    Hey I'm using Menu Backgrounds plugin by SumRndmDde. (the plugin: The problem is, even if I change the background of the save menu in the plugin, I still get the background image which is the same as the one that appears in the title screen. I've drawn a...

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