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  1. SentaiBrad

    Invention Destruction

    Invention Destruction Current version of the game Prologue v1 The elevator pitch for my RPG is Sword Art Online meets .hack with a dash Visual Novel. A socially disordered teen with paranoia. He is shut off from the rest of the world including his family, friends and work. His only respite in a...
  2. SentaiBrad

    Gaming Tilesets and/or Icons.

    I have been looking around for decent video game related tiles and Icon's. I found a DDR Pad in GrandmaDeb's lists but nothing to what I am needing. It was also the wrong style. I have been looking for a VR Style helmet. It doesn't need to be modeled after anything that's being made right now...

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Star citizen just announced they will develop a roadmap for their planned roadmap...
And i thought i needed order on my project... :kaoswt2:
Big City Greens had it right:
"Always back up your brain game, that's what I like to say!"
I think I've created a monster.
...and I love it. <3
Today represents my one year anniversary of throwing out the tile map. :LZSexcite: One year ago my game looked like...

And now for those that don't know, it looks like..

What a year, what a year indeed. RIP Tile Map, nobody misses you. :LZSwink:
There is now a demo released for [Beyond the Mirror]! Check the team recruitment thread to learn more!

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