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  1. Quilly

    Help running a command through a script

    All I want to do is set the variable to the player's current hp. I was able to do it with "$game_variables[11] = actor.hp", however it lagged the game pretty hard. Here's the thing: I don't even need to have it updated every frame, which is what I believe that was doing. I just want to use it on...
  2. Quilly

    [ACE]Sapphire Action System IV - Melee Skills

    I've been toying with SAS for a few days now, and I'm stuck on an issue I'm sure someone has solved, but I haven't found an answer to. I'm looking to use melee spells/short ranged projectiles, however the script seems insitiant on only destroying a player spell object once it's hit a wall or an...
  3. Quilly

    Changing Sideview Actor Framerate

    So I'm not even sure if this is possible, but is there a way to have sideview actors with different frame rates on their animations? I was able to go into rpg_sprites.js to change the frame rate of sideview actor, but I was wondering if there was a way to different characters to move faster or...
  4. Quilly

    HP drops to 0 Event Not Working

    This is super frustrating and I've been trying for hours. I want an event to trigger when the player dies in this certain troop, but when they do so, it takes you straight to the Game Over screen. I've looked at examples, and it seems in order to do this you need to disable the death state when...
  5. Quilly

    Character Sprite Resoultion Issues

    So, my character is a giant. When I tried to downscale her, she looks terrible. I got YEP_CoreEngine hoping to match the game resolution to my characters, but the image below is with the game at full screen. I've read all around and can seem to find an answer. What do I do?

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