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  1. DaklozeDuif

    Skip "Skill Type" selection in menu

    My game only has one skill type. This however, means that whenever someone wants to use a skill from the menu while on the map, they have make one more click than is necessary in order to select a skill: Open Menu > Select Skills > Select Actor > Select Skill Type > Select Skill That's not...
  2. DaklozeDuif

    Infinite (or at least longer) tilesets.

    The A5 tilesets seem to have a maximum height of 16 tiles, which means that I cannot have more than 128 A5 tiles per set. This is pretty annoying. Is there a way around this? For those who are wondering why I would want this: I want to convert some Rpg Maker 2003 map files to RPGMV...
  3. DaklozeDuif

    Converting Rpg Maker 2003 maps to MV?

    I have a bunch of ancient Rm3k games and I kind of want to port them to MV. Converting resources is easy, and database info is fairly quick. However, manually adding maps and events on those maps is a ton of work. Is there some way to automate this or make this easier? I found a converter...
  4. DaklozeDuif

    One Skill Category and Actor

    Hello gentlemen.  I am working on a small game at the moment. It will only have one Actor, and one skill category and skills are almost exclusively used while on the map. That also happens to be my problem. Every time the player wants to select a skill to use, she/he will have to 1) Select...

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