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  1. Is there ANY way to change button mapping from ABCXYZLR?

    Are there any scripts, or any way that I could directly change the button mapping to swap out the default "ABCXYZLR" button mapping? I have an event where the player must press a sequence of buttons, and I would like to make the player hit the buttons H-E-L-P rather than something unintuitive...
  2. How to delay appearance of Title Screen Menu?

    Is there any sort of script or option to do this? I have a logo (via a picture) that fades in after a couple of seconds on the Title Screen, and would like to delay initialization of the start menu to coincide with it. I'm fairly sure it's a simple solution, and I've looked around in various...

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Star citizen just announced they will develop a roadmap for their planned roadmap...
And i thought i needed order on my project... :kaoswt2:
Big City Greens had it right:
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I think I've created a monster.
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Today represents my one year anniversary of throwing out the tile map. :LZSexcite: One year ago my game looked like...

And now for those that don't know, it looks like..

What a year, what a year indeed. RIP Tile Map, nobody misses you. :LZSwink:
There is now a demo released for [Beyond the Mirror]! Check the team recruitment thread to learn more!

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