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  1. PanoramicPanda

    Confining Menu Size

    Did a quick search for this and found nothing, so here it goes. Looking for a plugin that can control the size of any pop up menus out of battle. Most of MVs default menus and a lot of the menu plugins are being made for the default resolution of 816x624. When you decide to run the game at...
  2. PanoramicPanda

    Hello starshine! The Panda says, "Hello!"

    Figured I'd pop in and give my greetings. I've dabbled in RPG Maker for years, since RPG Maker '95 in fact. I never made any full games, just a lot of projects. I used to be very active on a, now ancient, RPG Maker community known as Kamain's World. If anyone here remembers that place at all. I...

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There is now a demo released for [Beyond the Mirror]! Check the team recruitment thread to learn more!

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