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  1. FrozenNuke0327

    Help with RPG Maker XP Key

    Hiya! A long while ago, my grandmother got me RPG Maker XP (i was about 7 or 8 at the time, this is during the days of Windows 7) the files were sent to her email ( along with the order ticket.. recently i've been meaning to dive back into XP just for the heck of it, as...
  2. FrozenNuke0327

    Event isn't moving after sprinting

    I have recently set up a sprinting system for my game, however, (like the title states) the Event simply stops moving directly after pressing or releasing the sprint button, Attached below are two images showing the event in its complete two pages. (Note: At the moment the sprite is simply a...
  3. FrozenNuke0327

    Problems with sprinting event.

    I am currently using the "Key Simulator" (Virtual Key) script in an attempt to achieve this, the script was created by Fantasist and can be found here : The goal with this event is to create a sprinting event that is active when the...
  4. FrozenNuke0327

    Error in the script "Game_Map"?

    I was creating a map ( ..A Forest with branching directions. However, When i attempted to walk around on these tiles, it would work for a moment, then the game would crash and give me this error screen...
  5. FrozenNuke0327

    What is it with the "Change Graphic" option..?

    It would seem that in RPG MAKER XP you can select frames of the graphic when you select the "Change Graphic" option, However this doosen't exactly seem to be the case in RPG MAKER VX ACE in which when you select something, It selects the whole damn thing, Is there some way to select certain...
  6. FrozenNuke0327

    Currently unsure whether or not this is a glitch or something..

    I open my up my project and then get past the first map, then i get to second map and somehow with the parallax background.. I am not able to walk around, despite the parallax background just being an image, I am unsure if this a glitch, error or just an error with the events, I am open to...
  7. FrozenNuke0327

    HELP : properties of "Blur filter" Undefined

    SO, HOW THE HECK DO I FIX THIS ERROR!!!! Properties of "Blur Filter" Undefined, Sorry If That Came Out rudely.
  8. FrozenNuke0327

    Is There any way possible to run RPG Maker 95 on Windows 10?

    so, enterbrain, decaiga, kadowaka. I'm wondering if there is ANY WAY to download or run RPG Maker 95 on Windows 10 Thanks in Advance ~ FrozenNuke0327
  9. FrozenNuke0327

    Is There a Script for the UT Battle System for VXACE?

    So... I'm Working On An UNDERTALE REMAKE In (RMVXACE) Anyone Know a UT Script That Contains a *MERCY SYSTEM *ACT & FIGHT SYSTEM *SOULS *BULLET BOX *AND UT ATTACKS. If Anyone Could tell me where I could find a script like this Plz tell me... Thnx in advance...
  10. FrozenNuke0327

    Error: Failed to Load GameFont

    So Whenever I Try to Load My Game... SWAPTALE, It Presents Me With This Error Screen, Which is Very Irratating. Anyone Know a way I can fix this?

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