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  1. Ichida za Zeal

    Switch Row skill?

    I'm using Yanfly's Row Formation plugin, and the way my game is setup, it would be ideal to have a single skill that everyone can have that will switch someone between row 1 or 2 based on which of the two they're in, but all contained within the same skill. Is this doable? :)
  2. Ichida za Zeal

    % next to TP?

    I'm treating my TP meter in my game like a battery charge, so I would love to have a % next to all TP numbers in my game. Is there a way/plugin to do this?
  3. Ichida za Zeal

    Move Control Timer?

    I'd like to change it so RPG Maker MV's built in timer function is displayed in a different corner. Is there a way to do that?
  4. Ichida za Zeal

    Move Battle Menu to right side?

    One thing that always bugged me about MV is that the battle menu is on the left side even though the party is standing on the right. Is there a way or a plugin to get the menu in the battle screen to be on the right side of the screen? Please and thanks. :D
  5. Ichida za Zeal

    Force Certain Actor's Turn?

    I don't know if this exists but I'd like there to be a plugin or function that when triggered, will force it to be a certain actor's turn in battle. Something like after an event happens where a character makes a speech and has a morale boost, I want them to be able to act immediately...
  6. Ichida za Zeal

    End of Battle Events?

    I know there's a plugin for checking existing event triggers at the end of combat, but is there a plugin that will trigger an event specifically when the battle is over? The reason I ask is the only event trigger I can set up in the Troops menu is for when one particular enemy is at 0% HP, but...
  7. Ichida za Zeal

    Yanfly Battle Core: If user.class_id == ?

    So the idea here is I want a different sequence to play when using a skill if the user happens to be a certain class, which involves making it switch to another class, activate the skill, then switch back. I've relegated the actual class switching to common events. Running this as below just...
  8. Ichida za Zeal

    Skills not showing up upon class change

    I have event scripts for characters to change classes, but the skills that they should learn from their new class don't show up even though they're set to learn at level 1. I assume I'm missing something?
  9. Ichida za Zeal

    Common Event to change equipment not working

    So I have a common event that when triggered, changes an actor's class and equipment. When I test run the event, the equipment doesn't change. The actor and both classes have the correct equipment types in their traits. Can anyone help me out?
  10. Ichida za Zeal

    Luna Engine blank and not working?

    The two Luna Engine plugins I got with my download don't seem to work. When I load them into Plugin Manager, the parameters, descriptions, and the help file are blank.
  11. Ichida za Zeal

    YEP_VictoryAftermath - Victory BGM start sooner?

    I don't like the long gap between the Victory ME and the Aftermath screen BGM. Is there a way to reduce that so they sort of fade into each other?
  12. Ichida za Zeal

    Attacks never hit?

    So I copied the basic attack skill trying to create custom attack skills for different characters, and during testing I find that 0% of not only these attacks are actually hitting enemies, but even switching back to the normal Attack skill that I did not change as far as I know, yields nothing...
  13. Ichida za Zeal

    Change Battle Transitions?

    I know I haven't used RPG Maker since 2003, and forgive me if the solution is obvious but I don't see the option to change the way transitions to and from battles happen.
  14. Ichida za Zeal

    Re-download the IconSet?

    I was trying to add the DLC Icons to the program's IconSet graphic and I forgot about it needing transparency, so now I've overwritten both my project's IconSet and the one in NewData. Yes, I'm stupid. So I don't have to go into Photoshop and re-transparent the spaces between every icon, is...

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