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  1. TeiRaven

    Troubleshooting ForeverZero's Advanced Weather Script

    Hello world! I'm trying to use ForeverZero's weather script, based on Ccoa's weather script and with additional edits by Agckuu Coceg. I have it pasted above Main (since it can go anywhere below Spriteset_Map) but when I try to call the script, I get the error: Script 'Zer0 Advanced Weather'...
  2. TeiRaven

    [XP] Looking for a Source, Food Graphic

    Hello world! I'm back with another "thing I've seen, but..." request: I'm looking for a source for these food items that I found on one of my old flashdrives. I ran a reverse image search and I found it in only two, which near as I can tell is full of unattributed resources...
  3. TeiRaven

    Optimal Tileset Length

    (I waffled if this belonged in "tutorials" or "maker-specific"--please move if necessary, mods!) So I've only been using RMXP for thirteen years or so and I really ought to know this by now, but is there an optimal tileset length for XP? Of course they can go on forever, but I've read that...
  4. TeiRaven

    [XP] Bookshelf Hidden Door

    Hello world! i could swear that once upon a time, I came across a sprite set for a bookshelf swinging forward to reveal a door. I've searched through my collection and I've searched the forums, and near as I can tell I must have dreamed it, because I can't find it anywhere. Alas! Resource...

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