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  1. Nosleinad

    RMVXA Lazarus Regress

    Hello everyone, Its around 3 years off for me here. I am glad to be back and i wanted to share the project that i was working on. The idea is to receive feedback about an early alpha gameplay video that i made at the time. I am feeling motivated to work on it again, polish it and release a...
  2. Nosleinad

    Small implementation to CDR ROWS script

    Hello,   I want to add just one feature to CDR row script linked below, that will only consider enemies in the back row if there are enemies in the front row protecting them:   At...
  3. Nosleinad

    Albion Online - A true Sandbox MMORPG

    Hello guys,   Today i am here to show you an amazing new MMORPG scheduled to be released in 2015, but with another wave of alpha tests this september 15th.   Here are the key features and two short videos about ALBION ONLINE: The first true cross-platform medieval sandbox MMO! Out 2015! Sign...
  4. Nosleinad

    Sprite Change midgame

    Hi,   I want to know what script call i could use to permanently change an actor Sprite midgame. I have a script that does that, but its not mantaining the sprite in the map scene probably because of Neon Black Large Sprite Fix. The sprite reverts to what it was.   I hope a script call can...
  5. Nosleinad

    Yami Classical ATB - Dispose plane

    Hello,   I am using Yami Classical ATB (So many options to choose from), but after every battle end i am having the crash in the picture. Does someone have a clue about how to fix it?
  6. Nosleinad

    Better thunder animation

      I am searching for a improved version of the Thunder One 1 default animation for RMVX ACE, with more sparks and a more realistic feel. I want it to feel really apart from the default one.   If someone is able to do it or knows of an already made one, plz let me know.
  7. Nosleinad

    Picture Wrapper - Deleting save files

      So i was ready to send my demo for a friend of mine for testing purposes. While playtesting i noticed a very nasty bug, the Tsukihime Picture Wrapper script is actually impeding me to save after a picture is shown, by using the built-in command or the script call command. It even deletes the...
  8. Nosleinad

    Yami ATB Dispose crash

    I just found a bug with Yami ATB, thats always happening at the end of battles:  :( line 849: RGSSError occurred. disposed plane Is it easy to discover why the scrip isnt disposing some graphics, as far as i understood? Here's the link to the ATB...
  9. Nosleinad

    QTE in battle

      I am searching for a script that does something alike the "Timed Buttom Attacks" from Galv, which basically means that you choose some skills that when used in battle, a gauge will appear that gives you opportunity to press a button in the right time, just to gain some customizable benefits...
  10. Nosleinad

    Mog hunter Battle result

    Quick question about the Mog hunter Battle result script: I am using a 640x480 resolution, and i could tune all the pics and numbers to correctly fit my screen. However there is but one thing left to adjust that i couldnt find and tweak in the script, that's the X and Y of the loot received...
  11. Nosleinad

    Event movement speed (Fine tune)

    I am trying to fine tune the speed movement (like 4.5, 4.8, etc.) of my events in 02 steps: First i set a non integer variable value like this : $game_variables[18]=5.5 Then in the event movement route that is in a parallel trigger, the autonomous movement section is set to custom, speed 4...
  12. Nosleinad

    Touch based encounter and passability

    Hi,   I have a touch based encounter with smart chasing monsters and field of views already set. My chasing monsters will never return, and after each battle its event is set to a blank page.   I already read a lot of topics about events passing through another event, but i don't want my...
  13. Nosleinad

    symphony and missile animations

    I want to make spells for symphony that works like a magic missile spell. Generally all the spells are on screen or on battler effects. So i want to ask if a Symphony user knows how to do it, as i tryed to mess with The icon tags without sucess. Heres The link ti The script...
  14. Nosleinad

    Symphony (Change holder)

    This is a simple request but i didnt see the answer for it yet. The question is can i change the holder spritesheet of a given actor, with a script call or by changing its class.
  15. Nosleinad

    Name input and picture

      I am trying to show a picture after a name input event, so it stays in the screen while you're setting the name.   The only thing i am not being able to accomplish is: When the input screen appears, it overrides the picture being show, no matter what blend method i use to create it. Is there...
  16. Nosleinad

    Enemy Appear halfway and Holder

      Hi everyone,   This one is pretty fast to explain: I am using holder animated battlers for actors and enemies through symphony. I want to use the default "Appear halfway" command during a battle, but something very odd happens when monster are using holder spritesheets.   They actually...
  17. Nosleinad

    Damage preview

      I've searched all over and didn't find a script that shows the average dmg that you can do to a target while it's being selected, before you actually hit it.   This average damage can be shown in the battlelog and/or (option) a new window during the battlescene. It must take into account the...
  18. Nosleinad

    Bug - $D13x - Skill Levels

      So i've been using a lot of $D13x scripts form dekita, and unfortunatelly i encountered a crashing bug, that happens when an enemy uses a skill :     Here's the link to the related skill:   I am pretty sure it's related to the skill...
  19. Nosleinad

    Yanfly battle and different fonts

      My game has the option to change the font anytime the player wants. All scenes are working fine, but the yanfly battle system.   The second font is named Gabrielle. It's a smaller font than VLGothic (Ace's default), but in the battle hud the font appears way bigger:   Here's the default...
  20. Nosleinad

    Visual Novel choice - X offset

    I am using the visual novel choices script from Galv, and i am trying to offset the entire choice window in the X axis, so it can avoid my busts and minimap. I tryed to mess with some values in the script codes, but without success. Could someone help me out? Here's the script for easier reference:

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