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  1. Krimer

    Screen Variables

    ScreenVariables.js MV ver. 1.04 MZ ver. 1.01 by Krimer Introduction Show multiple Texts in any place you want on your game map screen. Text are permanent for all maps unless you delete\hide or change it. You can use text special characters to show values of your variables or show icons, change...
  2. Krimer

    Call menu during messages

    CallMenu.js ver. 1.4.6 by Krimer Introduction Call menu during messages\choices on map by pressing one of the standard menu keys ESC, X, Insert, NUM 0. Script pastebin Author's Notes I created this plugin some time ago, but it did not have own topic, so i decided to create one :) I tried to...
  3. Krimer

    Event above pictures

    Hello, as you can see from the title of the topic, i need plugin which allow to display events above pictures, only events with specific tags. I mean something like <Above pictures> and it will display event with that tag above pictures from event picture call. or it can be tags with "z"...
  4. Krimer

    Destination Sprite

    Destination Sprite v1.2.3 By Krimer Introduction With this plugin you can change the destination place sprite of the mouse\touch input Features - Easy to use. - Resize, recolor the destination sprite - You can use custom image as the destination sprite...

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