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  1. MiracleMare

    Suggestions? ~ My twins' helmets

    So, I have 9 m/o twin baby boys.. they wear goofy helmets to help shape their heads (they kinda have coneheads from being confined in close quarters  together for 7 months lol)... The helmets look like the thumbnail, without the  designs. I need suggestions on how to paint the helmet. The...
  2. MiracleMare

    What's your process?

    Well, I'm interested to hear about different developer's creation process. I think it would be interesting to see how different individuals go about developing their games. I would assume there's concept art creation, note jotting, brain storming etc.. then the story writing phase and detailed...
  3. MiracleMare

    Eventing Question: Map re-entering takes precidence over wait commands?

    I've been reading around and noticed that events that have already run will 'refresh' so to speak once you return to a map... How can I get around an event refreshing without Exiting event processing or erasing the event?... Say, maybe making it wait a certain amount of time before running...

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