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  1. Tsaiuki North

    Consumable items to alter character traits?

    I had this trouble with vxace long ago (now i'm asking about it for mv) and I think it required scripting back then.. I can't find anything that allows consumable items to alter a specific characters actor traits. For example, I would like a crystal dropped from an enemy that when used, will...
  2. Tsaiuki North

    MP -% regeneration not working?

    So this is a problem i have been tripping over for the last couple hours because it MAKES NO SENSE... Why is this -% mp not triggering? The +10% hp recovery works. The MP -regen does not... I'd imagine it would work the same way as poison does, with -hp regen, so i know the function...
  3. Tsaiuki North

    Changing Death requisites. (MP death)

    So i'm doing something a little interesting here, and i've sort of hit a snag. In this game i'm working on, there is permadeath for characters. But that permadeath is based on what i've turned the MP into, which is LP (Lifepoints). When people get hit by normal attacks, they take hp dmg as...
  4. Tsaiuki North

    Is there a plugin to add actual actors as enemies?

    I don't really know if this is the right place to post it, so sorry if it's not.. But i'm wondering if there is a plugin out there that allows you to use actual actors as enemies, where they use the same stats and level, and items equipped on the actor itself.  I looked at yanflys sideview...
  5. Tsaiuki North

    Cannot make wall tiles walkable?

    Sorry, simple question, and search has failed me.. or i failed search.. can't decide which one.. either way, I am trying to make a normally nonpassable wall tile be able to be walked on (below character), but it's not letting me do so. Im very familiar with rpgmaker vxace and this just simply...
  6. Tsaiuki North

    My characters won't die... Battlers do not change pose at 0 hp.

    I'm sure it's something stupid I'm doing, but when my characters reach 0 hp, it doesn't change their displayed state to the death sprite. They just stay standing there. This has been a problem since release, but i could never figure out what it wasn't working. The battler animations seem to work...
  7. Tsaiuki North

    500x500 worldmaps, how to reduce the size?

    Ok, so I have two world maps in my project that are 500x500, that i have converted to MV and they've retained those dimensions.. So barring the fact i personally think it's objectional to have that size reduced, at this time i just want to know how I can salvage those maps. Because everytime i...
  8. Tsaiuki North

    Is there a way to make a specific weapon call a certain skill, as opposed to using #1?

    In vxace, i made a gun weapon that used the normal "attack" action, but since it was a gun, i found a script that allowed me to place a note on the weapon itself to use a skill i made instead of a normal attack everytime you attacked with it. I understand that using a gun somehow magically now...
  9. Tsaiuki North

    Change actor traits via events

    So this is something I really needed when i was using ACE and it couldn't be done through events.... There was supposed to be a script someone wrote that would let this be done, but I never really got into it... Can it be done in MV? There are still no such event commands that i can find that...
  10. Tsaiuki North

    Project does not test play, nor play from game.exe, shows up in processes

    I started a new project after first getting MV, and made a couple of actors, and then went to hit test play to run around on a blank(ish) map. The game would not testplay. It showed a little thinking circle thing, and then simply nothing happens at all. no error messeges, no sound, no nothing...
  11. Tsaiuki North

    Entering a vehicle from another map? Not working. (VXAce)

    I'm having an issue trying to get my character to transfer to another map and automatically be boarded on an airship. I have an exterior map with the "ship" (which is just an event with the vehicle picture), that when i action button it, it comes up with a confirmation to board the ship.  Upon...
  12. Tsaiuki North

    Critical error upon saving. VXACE (steam)

    I havn't used rpgmaker for a few months now, but now when I work in it, and then save, it crashes with this error: I reload, and it appears to have saved my work though.. what is causing this ? this means that everytime i save, i have to relaunch rpgmaker.
  13. Tsaiuki North

    [Ace] Yanfly limits adjuster ini level note error.

    With yanflys limit breaker script, the notetag <initial level: x> does not actually work. I can get the max level to work, but the initial level notetag just gives a line 282 error.  if i flip the order of those tags, i don't get the error, but the initial level does not override the initial...
  14. Tsaiuki North

    YSA - YEA ATB system guage position/size

    Ok, so.... I'm using Yanfly/symphony with the YSA ATB system. I am wondering if there is a way to fit the bars a little better than this... Looks kinda funny. I know you can change size of the fonts and the bar itself, but the positioning? is there a way to do this? I can't figure it out.
  15. Tsaiuki North

    a level limit breaker!?

    I'll refrain from making some weird joke about it being over 99.  I'm wanting to make my maximum level over 99. is there any script out there that will let me do that? oh. aswell as hp and mp, and possibly other stats over their current maximum.
  16. Tsaiuki North

    looking for actors feature page guide.

    I'm looking for a guide on what all the features are, mainly the parameters and rates tabs. Ex-parameters and sp-parameters (TarGet? what is that?)
  17. Tsaiuki North

    Actors as battlers comp w/ Yanfly/symphony

    Ok I've been stuck on this forever, and it's driving me insane. I'm trying to be able to use 8D sprite sheets as enemy battlers. I'm using Yanfly's engine, with Yami symphony. I've looked around, and i can't find anything but vague answers. When I ask questions, and I want something, I don't...
  18. Tsaiuki North

    Chests and item changes after self-switch?

    Ok... So something caught my eye just now, and that is that I was looking at the quick event for a chest. It's been my understanding that once a self-switch, or any other thing is changed that would activate the next page, the current pages actions is cut off, and the next page takes over right...
  19. Tsaiuki North

    Side-view battle, 5 party members, 100+ actors. need lotsa help

    So in my game, there are going to be over a lot of actors. Kind of like FF6. So I need a good party management. I'm using Battle Symphony for the side battle view, and the YEA Party Manager, and that seems to be ok,    But the real question is, is there a better system for me to be using for...
  20. Tsaiuki North

    Changing maximum values for stats and levels.

    Title should have been Maximum VALUES...  So two parts to this, actually.. Previously I didn't know if there was a way to change the maximum values for hp past 9999, and level past 99, so i was resorting to try to downgrade all the stats, like attack, def, etc, but the problem was that at the...

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