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  1. Leokids

    What Is Better in terms of RTP For the Kids? (Poll)

    I Made a Poll of it.
  2. Leokids

    Furry MV/MZ Heroes

    Resource Type: Characters/Faces/Battlers Maker Format: MV/MZ Art Style: RTP Description: The MV/MZ Heroes but Transformed into a dog/Cat or Furry Dog/Cat. Reference Images: No Reference.
  3. Leokids

    Is VX/VX Ace Almost Dead?

    I Dont know If These Makers Is almost Dead? As People Moved from VX/VX Ace to MV/MZ.....
  4. Leokids

    The RTP IS Missing Thread for MZ Is not in There :(

    Some People Thinks The RTP We have is Missing some Resources so We need The RTP Is Missing Threrad
  5. Leokids

    Girl Person Emoji Doesnt Work :(

    I Made the Status with a Girl Emoji Person from Microsoft But doesnt Work in RPG Maker Forums... Can you Fix that Issue?
  6. Leokids

    What Price is RPG Maker VX In Brazillian Real/Dollar

    What is the Price?
  7. Leokids

    Why is RPG Maker MZ Trial Limit Is only 20 Days?

    In The Past Makers (Not Including MV As it was 20 Days Like MZ),It was 30 Days Before They Expire and After 30 Days It will be Expired,But in MZ,It was Decreased from 30 Days to 20 Days... But Why?
  8. Leokids

    I Have a Little of bit Problem with Wav Sound Files as BGM

    So. I Imported them and Added to the Database but I Cant see the Thing Neither Other than That. So. How i do this? I Love MZ Im trying the Trial.
  9. Leokids

    RMMZ Why is MV Moved to Maker Specific?

    I Know MZ Replaced the MV Thing but Why!
  10. Leokids

    RMVX A Empty Place RMVX Edition

    This Version of The Empty Game Will be Made with VX. Its a Empty Place. But Use your Imagination to Adventure! Well What do you think?
  11. Leokids

    What is your Last game for RPG Maker VX/VXAce?

    Wanna See it.
  12. Leokids

    What Age You Would Choose For your Characters on Your Maker Game?

    I Had to make a Poll for this.
  13. Leokids


    Resource Type: Characters,Battlers Maker Format: VX Art Style: RTP Description: Basically a Kid with a Blue Hair Which is Taller and Chubbier (Later he will be Skinny) Reference Images: Not Doing a Reference the Image Because Im Lazy.
  14. Leokids

    Who Loves The Triplets?

    From What i Heard Some Of RPGMaker Havent Seen The Triplets so Who Loves it? Here is some Images:
  15. Leokids

    When the RPG Maker MV Be Moved to the Previous Version forums?

    Since MZ Is Comming. I Thought about Something. When the RPG Maker MV Be Moved to the Previous Version Forums?
  16. Leokids

    Where are All the Updates for RPG Maker VX?

    RPG Maker VX Got No Updates After VX Ace/MV. Where are All the Updates! And The Latest Versions!
  17. Leokids

    Naruto Ultimate Ninja 4

    Lets Talk about This Newer PS2 Game Which Is Released in 2007 in Japan And 2009 Worldwide. NARUTO SHIPUDDEN: ULTIMATE NINJA 4!
  18. Leokids

    RMVX Switch from 2000/2003/XP Sprites Or VX Sprites.

    Even Though It Expired. When I Activate it. I Will add This Idea There. That Idea is When You Switch from Classic Sprites From RPG Maker Of SNES,PS1 And 2000/2003 To XP Sprites and To VX Sprites (Default).
  19. Leokids

    Windows NT 4.0!

    Lets Talk about Windows NT 4.0 This Obsolete Windows NT Has A Interface That has Carried Over from Windows 95 However It Does Not Include Some of The 95 Things Like Plug and Play. What do You think? Also.. You Have or Had a Windows NT 4.0 Server? If Yes,Tell the Informations of it and...
  20. Leokids

    List Of Game Makers That Hasnt Been Distributed By Degica Yet........

    With The RPG Maker 2000 and 2003 Being Distributed By Degica. There Is Many That isnt Distributed By Degica... Lets Figure Out! 1. 2D Fighting Maker 95 And 2nd In this game Maker You can Make Your Fighting Game of Your Dreams. Its Very User-Friendly. But Looks Like a Ancestor to Mugen Right...

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