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  1. kattywompus

    Browser extension to fix broken forum links

    After a bit of frustration having to manually change the broken forum links, my partner and I put together a script that automatically redirects the user to the correct URL. Just install it into a browser extension like Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey and it's good to go! Pastebin Dropbox
  2. kattywompus

    Getting player location for menus?

    I'm trying to get SumRndmDde's Icon Cycle menu to open over the player's location, but so far I haven't had any luck. I've tried using $gamePlayer.x and $gamePlayer.y, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I just want the window to open over the player's sprite. Any help with how to accomplish...
  3. kattywompus

    Hungry Like the Wolf (updated 3/6)

      1986. Camp Okwaho.   Story: The summer is finally here, and with it, your first year as a camp counselor. As your spend the first week at orientation with your fellow counselors, you couldn't be more excited... until one of the counselors goes missing. Now it's up to you to...
  4. kattywompus

    Gaining EXP when monster escapes?

    I am making a realistic style game where battles will be rare, and typically the enemies will flee when they have lost a certain amount of health. I want death to carry weight in this world, so the idea of my characters randomly killing wolves and bats seems counter to that.  I am wondering...
  5. kattywompus

    Just saying hi!

    Hey everybody! I'm Kattywompus (or Kat, or Rookie... whatever) and I'm new to the scene, and I just thought I'd introduce myself and start getting used to the forums! I'm a 20-something nerd who recently decided to get into RPG Maker on a total whim. I've been playing around with game making in...

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