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  1. NPC event won't show up in game

    Thank you so much Andar, I know this is probably a stupid question but where do I turn on the switch on the original event so that it only happens if you choose the elders option and not the goodbye option? sorry I'm such a noob
  2. NPC event won't show up in game

    Here is screenshots of follow on event if that helps to explain what I'm trying to do, is that what is messing it up? Thanks again! :kaoluv:
  3. NPC event won't show up in game

    Hi thank you both for responding, sorry for late reply. JGreene, where should I put turn switch 8 on? I want to have it so that if you pick the first condition it will set off another event. Thank you again
  4. NPC event won't show up in game

    Hi everyone. I am trying to make an NPC event with a choice element and a conditional branch. For some reason the NPC isn't in the game when I test it. Please help me Screenshots of event Screenshot of map where NPC should show up.
  5. How to use Iavra Text Sound

    Hi I am unsure how to use a plugin. Where do I save the downloaded file? and how do I make it work? I tried saving file to se folder but it doesn't show up in RPGMMV EDIT The plugin in question is Iavra Text Sound.

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