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  1. PabloNeirotti

    Unveil — The Ultimate Survival Simulator

      After almost 3 years in development, Unveil is now available as a full title on Steam. Watch the Trailer > Get Unveil on Steam < MAN VS WILD No zombies, dinosaurs nor post apocalyptic environments. Real life...
  2. PabloNeirotti

    Steamworks API + RPG Maker VX Ace

    Hey guys! So Unveil, the game I've been developing, got Greenlit a few months ago on Steam. Now I am getting ready to put it up for Early Access, but there is still one issue I haven't figured out yet. The Steamworks API, used to validate ownership of the game, push achievements, etc... is...
  3. PabloNeirotti

    How many Planes until lag kicks in?

    Hey guys! Looking for some technical insights more than anything. Quick intro: I've used the well known, or so I believe, Multiple Fogs script. Later on I made one of my own that was easier to use, smaller, and able to work seamlessly with weather conditions. I call it the Layer Effects...
  4. PabloNeirotti

    Unveil — Survival Simulator (Now Moddable)

            Get Unveil on Steam         Summary Experience Survival in it's purest form. Unveil delivers a rich recreation of Nature with a deep simulation of Weather, Body, Flora & Fauna, Fire and more.       Energy preservation   Every object you pick up, every tool you craft, or even...

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