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  1. Race game on MV

    Do you now some plugin to make mini game like that?
  2. Steam RPG MAKER MV

    Could you tell me where I can find some document from RMMV who’s saying If I have steam version I can sell my games for commercial use? It’s important to have some law background so the best could be same terms of use by them. But the license by them in original site say absolute nothing about...
  3. Problem really hard to solve.

    Hi guys, I have really strange problem with my finished game. I sent my game to a lot of friends (I think 30 it’s minimum) and only two times I had the situation when they sent my this kind of problem and I completely don’t know what’s going wrong. The operation system is good, graphic card too...
  4. Im looking for java programist - KHAS lighting

    Hi, Im looking for java progrmist who could make a lightinhg system similar to KHAS lighitng.

    Hi guys, I have a question about MOG HUNTER plugin, ABS SYSTEM, How to set the event: Do you know how to set the conditional brach for: If i will kill some numebers of enemies, after that new option is showing - for example (You killed 15 zombies) Im know its complicated but do you know what i...
  6. Khas lighting system and OrangeOverlays plugins

    Hi I have. a question. Finally I founded a parralax scirpt working really good with Khas lightin but... we allways have some but.. But I noticed the light from Khas system is above the parallax, do you know how to solve this problem? Becouse in this moment my flashlight going throught the walls...

    Hi! I have a question. I’m marking a games and I wanted to try how it will work for my old notebook with this parameters. Ok for us that’s really old staff but I think a lot of future customers have the notebooks like that. Of course game on this parameters works awful. Do you have any plugins...

    Hi uuseing several plugins grom Yanfly and so one. And I have really strange problem. When I makeing a test with program, the game works perffect, but after deployment the shift bottom dosent work! Is work but really bad becouse my character walking 2x SLOWER ! When I turned off all plugins and...
  9. How to conntact ?

    Hi. Do you know how Can i conntact with Khas? I sended to him about 10 mails and still nothing.
  10. Parralax Mapping and full resolution

    Hi, Im looking for script with option to make full resolution screen like for example 1440x720 (with black borders on the top and bottom) and It is possible to connect this plugin with BimbPictureToMap (Parralax Mapping)?. Every time when Im trying make full resolution in engine core plugin for...
  11. Parralax plugin overlays with zoom comand

    Help! Do you know how to fix that ? This plugin overlays with my zoom comand and makeing this! link to the parrralax plugin

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