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  1. MissyChrissy

    Character generator problem

    Everything else works but for some reason this is happening. What am I doing wrong? I'm using RPG Maker MV.
  2. MissyChrissy

    Creating a hooded character problem

    Hello all! First time poster! I needed a mysterious hooded stranger and decided to make my own. But I ran across a problem and I don't know what to do! What am I doing wrong? Everything else works but the walking sprite is all wonky!

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Moderators, you must have so much patience to be able to deal with everything. I mod in a server of sorts and today we just got a message, which, despite it's helpful constructive criticism, basically stated that all of the mods were jerks and that was the only reason our server was unlikeable. So, thank you, for having patience. You are appreciated! :kaoluv:
Haired slime? Trying some different styles of art. Maybe I can make some resources with this new kind of painting.......
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