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  1. JustPhillip

    Putting Files in Game Directory after certain Event?

    Hello, I'm making an update for my game and I want to put in an easter egg where if you get the bad ending, You can go into the game files and find an image. Something like DDLC or Imscared. Is there an event or something where I can do something like that?
  2. JustPhillip


    I've got my answers. Got some royalty free music and I am crediting everyone who made the rf music.
  3. JustPhillip

    How do you make random enemy dialouge in RPG Maker MV?

    I want something a bit like undertale where the enemy says random things after each turn. This is only for 1 enemy in my case but how do I make something like that?
  4. JustPhillip

    How do you make permenent control switches?

    I'm making a game that breaks the fourth wall every once in a while. I want something like Undertale where if you get to a certain point, Delete your Save and start a new game it will do/say something different. Best way to do this?
  5. JustPhillip

    Different Troops in Map depending on your level?

    In my game, there's a "Hub" That connects to all 4 main locations in the game. I want it so that the field has easy enemies when you're below level 10, Harder Enemies when you're in between 10 and 20, Harder ones when you're in between 20 and 30, and so on. I want to know if and how you can make...

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