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  1. Pearsona

    Looking to stream your RPGM games!

    @magnaangemon01 Language is not a problem at all, I've got quite the mouth myself ^^'
  2. Pearsona

    Looking to stream your RPGM games!

    @HexMozart88 Blood is fine!
  3. Pearsona

    Looking to stream your RPGM games!

    I've recently started streaming on Twitch, and I'd love to promote my fellow RPGM devs by streaming their games! If you have a game (preferably a complete one, but I don't mind a demo or two) that can be downloaded and played for free, feel free to share with me and I might give it a whirl on my...
  4. Pearsona

    How exactly copyright works with "free games"?

    You should look into the legal battles that have occurred between fanfiction archives and copyright holders. It's actually a long, complicated history - moreso than you would expect - and there have been battles in court over what should be allowed and what is copyright infringement. The site...
  5. Pearsona

    How exactly copyright works with "free games"?

    Hmmm... Could you explain the concept further? Is this a story of your original characters in the universe of One Piece? That should still count as a fanfiction, but I'm not a lawyer. However, if it's a completely non-One Piece related game and Luffy just randomly shows up, that might be a...
  6. Pearsona

    What are themes in your RPG game(s)?

    Moribunderland has heavy themes of perseverance, considering the situation I've thrust the characters into is extremely bleak, but through the course of the story there is still hope and happiness to be found. I feel like, if you're going to make a game with themes of mental health, you will...
  7. Pearsona

    How exactly copyright works with "free games"?

    Well, the music I'd say is a no-go, but the characters themselves you can make an argument for transformative work. After all, wouldn't a game starring the One Piece characters be in the same vein as any other fanart/fanfiction? This one's just in RPG form.
  8. Pearsona

    RMMV [NEW DEMO AVAILABLE] Moribunderland

    I've decided to release a second demo! It's available for download on the page and features more gameplay and new features. I hope you all enjoy!
  9. Pearsona

    yanfly updates

    I think Yanfly still does some maintenance on his plugins, though - he just doesn't work on them as much as he used to + he doesn't make any new ones. He just hasn't had to do any major updates in awhile.
  10. Pearsona

    RMMV [Poll] Would you rather see or not see a skill check?

    We don't need to see the exact number, but it's nice to see that we failed the check. Persona comes to mind, as some dialogue options show up but then, if you select them, tell you that your social stats aren't high enough. For example, you try to see through a con artist's lie but your...
  11. Pearsona

    Help with Armornick's Crafting Plugin

    Here's a link to the plugin: X So, I've implemented this plugin into my project, but I'm having a strange problem with it. To add recipes, you do a plugin command like this: add_crafting_recipe w22 = i14 + i10 W22 is weapon 0022 in the database, i14 is item 0014, and so on. This command means...
  12. Pearsona

    Events no interaction on Parallax map

    Do the region restrictions work? You could use them on the barrels to block players from going through them.
  13. Pearsona


    @mlogan Ah, gotcha! Sorry, It's been awhile since I've been around this part of the forum.
  14. Pearsona


    Hello, if you're looking for art assets, you should definitely state your budget and maybe post the job request on other art-related sites. That way, artists know what they'll make and will be more likely to express interest in the job. Good luck - I hope you find what you need!
  15. Pearsona

    A crash report I just don't understand...

    Thanks everyone! I'm going to investigate this further. It's likely an issue on my friend's end, but I just want to make extra sure there's nothing I did wrong that could cause this problem to happen with more players. Edit: Sent this thread to my friend and it's apparently a mac security...
  16. Pearsona

    Bridge Help Needed

    Hmmm... I understand what you're looking for now, but I'm not sure what the best solution is myself. Maybe have it be a * tile so you can go under it, and then have events on either side to scoot you across? That doesn't sound like the smoothest solution, but it would work...
  17. Pearsona

    A crash report I just don't understand...

    So, for the demo of my new game, one of my friends reported a crash and the message that accompanied it was... completely incomprehensible. Can someone help me figure out what went wrong here? For context, this is the mac version of my game. EDIT: Further context: This glitch apparently...
  18. Pearsona

    RMMV Looking for Ideas for Traps

    Foraging in this context likely means the scout will look for plants and use them in battle. For example, the scout finds a poisonous plant, and uses it to poison an enemy in battle. As for traps, what about a trap that causes sand to get into the enemy's eyes, giving them the 'blinded' status?
  19. Pearsona

    What is the social status of the main protagonist in RPG games you think would an interest start point?

    Any one of these archetypes can be done well in the hands of the right person. However, I personally prefer commoners/lower class backstories for characters. It's far more interesting to watch someone start at the bottom and climb to the role of the hero.
  20. Pearsona

    Bridge Help Needed

    Hi, I'm sorry, but I don't quite understand what you're asking for. Could you explain a bit further what the problem is?

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