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  1. Akea Custom Gauges

    Where do I download the gauge images?
  2. TAA_EnemyLevels (v1.1.0)

    Is EnemyLevels working with MZ? I don't see it in your sample demo project, and I get this error message using TAA_EnemyLevels in my own project: Failed to Load data /EnemyExtra.json [using MZ with all other plugins turned off] thanks in advance
  3. AES_MZ_CustomMp - Customize the "MP" resource on a per-class basis

    No problem, thanks for your good work
  4. AES_MZ_CustomMp - Customize the "MP" resource on a per-class basis

    I want to use an on map event to command: Recover All: Entire Party with the goal of having every actor recover 75% of their HP and MP. If I put the following note tags on each actor in the party, the Recover All has no effect: <Recover All HP: .75> <Recover All MP: .75> If I put those note...
  5. Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    Hmmm, must have copy and pasted before, because the download works perfectly now. Thanks.
  6. Caethyril's MZ Plugins

    Using Cae_ChoiceShuffle I get Syntax Error Unexpected Identifier at startup, before the title screen. Even with all other plugins off. MZ
  7. RMMZ MZ/Visustella-Compatible Enemy Catch System

    I too am looking for an MZ plugin similar to DreamX’s MV ‘Capture Enemies’

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