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  1. releasing a game in parts

    hey guys, thanks for the feedback, as mentioned releasing parts of an incomplete games is a bit of a dickish move so i won't be doing that, especially given the time limit i have for working on it, it would just be unfair i'm also going to say it's absolutely not going to be a commercial game...
  2. releasing a game in parts

    so, i'm working with the lite version (due to having no money) and the limitations can mostly be worked around with using some creativity, the only wall i (temporarily) hit it the max of 30 enemy battlers, i plan to work around this by creating 4 or 5 stages of gameplay before creating an all...
  3. "What the RTP is missing"

    i can't seem to download these, it's links to japanese sites mainly, i assume i have to download it there?
  4. My Classical Era Resources - Mostly battlers

    the archer looks freaking AWESOME will use and credit ofc

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