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  1. A new game finished

    I don't axcetly know where to put my post but I have a problem. I completed a game (rpg game vx ace) and made my own site which include link to the DEMO that can be download for free. the site name is "" and in the first page there is a links to pictures and downloading. The...
  2. ship disapeared.

    Thank you. I try and tell you. well I tried. I don't know how to make event like this. I dont know how to put the swicthes or variables. Do I make a quare somewhere to call the event? can you just write to me the right order of the comments? I thought may be to make a condition "when ship is...
  3. ship disapeared.

    Where can I put the code? I don't know where the player is going to get out of his ship?
  4. ship disapeared.

    I made a game with several continents. The only way to go there is by ship. (The option "airship" will be availabe almost in the enf of the game. I made port in every continent so the party will have to buy every time a new ticket to the ship. The problem: If the ship come to a continent it...
  5. enemies calls for help

    Animebryn - thanks I will try it.
  6. enemies calls for help

    I know how to do it but I don't know how to calculate the MHP power so I would not kill the enemy before it has a chance to call back up - more enemies to help him. I need to know the calculation because each time my hero getting stronger I need to make the enemy strnger as well. Can somebody...
  7. DEMO

    Thank you
  8. DEMO

    I dont know if this is the right place but I finish make a game call "the medicine" and made demo and walkthoruh and posted it at aldorlea site but I got this answer: Demo gives me an error notice reading RPGVXAce.RTP is required to run this game. what shall i do? dikla

    this is just the demo. the game is much bigger at least 5 more hours. but I thought the picture in the walkthorugh will be enough, but i will UPLOAD MORE PICTURES.... you know i am new in all this.....

    I finished a new game - the medicine and the is demo and walkthrough. it made in RPG MAKER VX ACE I would like to get your opinion ... If you want to buy it ect. The link is: walkthrough:!GJMDga5K!XG6S_W-IMxqfi9B09purhPz7cmxCGFOihZnvpvHvZXA DEMO...
  11. How to make a demo and change file to exe in RPG VX ACE

    do you mean - in "file" - "open project" and whenits opened i click on "compress game data" and than you get light blue cube? i did it. But is this the "demo" that I need to upload so evreone can download it? and bty can you recommend me which company upload? tx dikla
  12. How to make a demo and change file to exe in RPG VX ACE

    how you do it? pls step by step from the RPG MAKER the file is "game"? what i do with it?
  13. How to make a demo and change file to exe in RPG VX ACE

    Hi evrebody. I try to make a demo. I succedded and did beautiful demo and walkthrough but i dont succedd to make its a file or demo that you can play and downlaod. I was not lazy and search the forum and even with u-tube which i found instruction here in the forum (dont know where exectly) I...
  14. How to make a demo

    I made a DEMO and Walktrough Demo. How i make independent file so I can UPLOAD it? The demo is about 10 mb. Please its very importanat to me. tx. dikla
  15. How to make a demo

    thank you. I'll try.
  16. How to make a demo

    I have finishted my commercial game. I read the conditions of the posting finished games but i dont know how to make a demo. I know nothing about this subject. I would appriciate your advice.
  17. Sorry. I am new at this forum...

    Sorry. I am new at this forum...

    I need urgently a quest log. It's pity that the maker did no think about it. I tried to download several script and paste them exectly where you need, but each time is another error. The script of MOBIUS write an error line 626. what does it say? any help will wellcom, including some script to...
  19. hi, i am making RPG game "the medicie" with RPG MAKER VX ACE. I want very mush to use quest log...

    hi, i am making RPG game "the medicie" with RPG MAKER VX ACE. I want very mush to use quest log, but none of the script is going well. every time some error occuer and I am not good at scripting. I saw your name in the furum of ALDORLEA GAME and it mention there that you have a script which you...

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