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  1. evertonera

    RMMV New Game Force Save Slot

    Hi there. After 3 months using the RPG Maker MZ, I decided to continue my project in MV. My intention is to create a game with MMORPG feeling, so 1 save game + autosave. In MZ, the autosave plugin forces the player to select a SLOT whenever you decide to create a new game. So the restis up to...
  2. evertonera

    RMMZ Storage

    Hi guys. Since the last time I had asked for a system like MV's item attribute randomization (still no luck with that system. Even though we already have plugins that transform all items in the game into "uniques", nobody has managed to create the randomization whenever the item is acquired)...
  3. evertonera

    RMMZ Item Random Attributes and Item Durability

    Hi guys. So here I go again, posting in hopes someone has found a way to do it. In RPG Maker MV, we have the amazing plugin that makes all items unique items (they can't be stacked). With this, we can randomize the values of our weapons and armors, making each item unique. Let's say, for...
  4. evertonera

    RMMZ Durability for Weapons and Armors

    Hello dear community. I hope you are all doing amazingly well. I have been looking eagerly for a plugin which would add DURABILITY for armors and weapons. It's really a simple concept: -the weapon would come with a certain number for durability, and each time used in combat, like hitting an...
  5. evertonera

    RMMZ Weapons and Armors randomization

    Hello community. I would love to have a plugin just like MV did that randomized the weapons and armors you got from NPCS, crafting, monsters. I feel that gives the game such an amazing feeling for farming. The idea is: in the database, you have an iron sword that gives 10 attack. However, with...

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