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  1. KillerPixEEL

    FREE SoulCry Recruitment Page

    thanks, I removed it.
  2. KillerPixEEL

    Nice. It'd make for a cool game design concept .

    Nice. It'd make for a cool game design concept .
  3. KillerPixEEL

    FREE SoulCry Recruitment Page

    Engine: Currently SoulCry is a MV Game but may Change to MZ. I've been running the MV game through the MZ engine. Vision: Much of the negativity that comes from RPG Maker games is that they all look the same. Game makers usually use the supplied graphics and audio rendering them...
  4. KillerPixEEL

    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Yes the object not the actor.
  5. KillerPixEEL

    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Even in the demo it locks the direction of the object you pick up.
  6. KillerPixEEL

    RMMV MOG Hunter pick and throw MV

    Does anyone know how to have it when you pick up a object that the object will allow walking movement instead of fixed graphic? I'll like it when you change directions the object will too.
  7. KillerPixEEL

    RMMV MOG_PickupThrow.js

    I'm trying to figure out how to have the whatever event you pick up turn it's self switch on when you throw it (so on certain object/event will brake and such) Anyone have any ideas how I could add a this. change self switch d on?
  8. KillerPixEEL

    RMMZ Animations layers

    Any chance anyone could make a plugin that will place animations one layer above target (whether it's ally or enemy) when display type is for each target. I hate how when you, example cast a healing spell for one target but then It's on top all actors.
  9. KillerPixEEL

    RMMZ Battle selection change

    Can anyone make a plugin so that instead of a character moving forward when it's their turn They flash (fade in white effect and fade out) with a icon that floats above their head. Same when selecting an enemy (with a different icon)? There should be a option to set how quickly the flash effect...
  10. KillerPixEEL

    Really need Help!!!! Chrono Engine issue

    I'm using moghunter's chrono engine (non-abs) and when I do attacks that move to a target, when the actor returns to their home position, they move down a couple of pics and stay that even after the battle is finished. Has this happen to anyone else? I'm not sure if I wrote the tool wrong or if...
  11. KillerPixEEL

    Would you be interested/available for small edits/fixes to mog hunters chrono engine?

    Would you be interested/available for small edits/fixes to mog hunters chrono engine?
  12. KillerPixEEL

    Selector Flash

    I'm using mog hunter's chrono engine (non ABS) and I was wondering if anyone know how I could add in a slow selection flash to characters when it's their turn (on the sprite) and one to an enemy when selecting which one to attack.
  13. KillerPixEEL

    Paper mario style movement Graphics?

    I’ll try giving that a shot
  14. KillerPixEEL

    Paper mario style movement Graphics?

    just the graphic, but if I swap the up graphic for the right facing back praphic And run left then up, I’d be facing the wrong way. Maybe I didn’t quite explain it right. Essentially Thera are four directional graphic still. Up left, up right, left, and right. (When your moving down it just...
  15. KillerPixEEL

    Paper mario style movement Graphics?

    Wonder if anyone heard of a way to setup player movement like paper Mario? when you move left or right its normal but if you move up or down it retains the direction left or right facing unless you are traveling in a diagonal which the image would change to a left or right image toward the...
  16. KillerPixEEL

    Quick question on the Mog hunter's chrono engine - Projectile Delay

    I've tried adding a wait time to movement and copied the bow skill but it still shoots right after selecting target.

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