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  1. 9tkitsune

    simple custom battle screen

    can anyone recommend a custom battle screen code like this?.. ( my old post was longer but it disappeared?) (ok this one seems to stay) it's about frame-by-frame animated battler sprites, to freely position in the battle screen. frame-by-frame animated (or idle) enemy sprites. attack-leaping...
  2. 9tkitsune

    simple custom battle view

    Hello code users and wizards. I am looking for a code, that allows me to freely position looping frame-by-frame animated battle sprites on the battle screen, while enemies either idle or also frame-by-frame animated. The sprites can leap at each other on attack, and/or have different frames...
  3. 9tkitsune

    Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers empty method

    Hi there - Is there any coder who can help me with an old side-view battle script named " Soulpour777 - Animated Battlers " ? I don't know how to get it to work in a new project anymore. It returns the error: " line 313 (or other lines, too) No method error occurred, undefined method 'empty?'...
  4. 9tkitsune

    Multi Activation Question for School

    Hello! So this issue is a bit complex and I don't think anyone has asked about this yet. I work part time at a school and eventually had the idea of offering RPGmaker courses to the students. It might be a fun project in order to introduce them to basic game design and improve their English...
  5. 9tkitsune

    how to additional material?

    Hello!  Well, here's the question: It says I installed 2 packs - but I could never find those anywhere in the engine... I just don't know.... : /  Also, when you make your own characters with the character generator - how can those be implemented? : (  They don't show up anywhere...
  6. 9tkitsune

    screen size (resolution)

    does anyone know if it is possible to change the screen size?  i find it a tad big, and thought it would be nice to have a smaller screen.  is there maybe a way for this I overlooked?
  7. 9tkitsune

    scrolling fog

    hello my friends! quick question - RPGmaker XP had a nice option that lets "fog" or so scroll over the screen.  where can I find this option on VXAce? I looked and looked but didn't find it anywhere.  the weather effects don't seem to feature it.  Any idea?
  8. 9tkitsune


    Project Sara (-) This game (working title 'Project Sara' - actual title not decided yet) is based on the story 'A little princess' and inspired by "Little Princess Sara".  "Little princess Sara" was an animated series based on Frances Hodgson Burnett's novel, "A Little Princess" (written in...
  9. 9tkitsune

    Deja~Vu Chronicles

    Hello, greetings everyone! For those of you who are very bored or just plainly 'got nothing to do right now, I want to suggest to play one of my older games. : ) Like any other game developer, I'm always happy to see people playing my games and read some feedback.  Today, I would like to...
  10. 9tkitsune

    Sword Art Online 'Lost Song' (PSV)

    Haha, I began playing this Vita game rather recently.  It is based on a popular anime series called "sword art online". For those who don't know, it is about a boy(or "young man") who plays a virtual reality MMO, gets trapped in it with all other players, and has to 'beat' it in order to log...
  11. 9tkitsune

    oh hey there it is

    ~ introductions! curtains up! ~ this is where the topic was hiding.... and I found it all by myself =w=  Not that much to say though. I'm new here, thanks for having me! ^^ 'have patched together my share of fun lil' RPGmaker games, oddly, many of those got translated into spanish...
  12. 9tkitsune

    failed game projects?

    (moving this here, since I think it doesn't fit in the Project Development section after all, it wouldn't fit the requirements) v Hello, I'm new here. Nice to meet you all ( Is there an introduction threat ? If so, I must have missed it, I'm very sorry ). I love to see all your game projects...

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