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  1. Ultim

    VXA : Error with Yanfly's Text Script

    Hello ! I'm having this error with Yanfly's Text Script for VX Ace [because image is too big] This is the event window [Keeping project name secret !] Thanks in Advance !
  2. Ultim

    VXA : Alphabet Letters Tiles ?

    Hello all, I would like alphabet letter tiles.I Googled for like 2 hours and I have found nothing.Sorry if I ask too much. Thanks In Advance !
  3. Ultim

    What exactly is game atmosphere ?

    Hello all, I just want my game to deliver great atmosphere.So I want to gather some info about what exactly is atmosphere,and what would you like to see or expect from a Dungeon Crawler/Adventure Game.
  4. Ultim

    Tutorials : In-Game,Readme,or "Pop Up As You Play" style ?

    So,I want to know your opinion on different kinds of Tutorials. I'll explain if you didn't understand In-Game : Sitting through a scene in the start. Readme : Included in the manual with the WinRar file.Like a booklet "Pop Up As You Play" style : Totally sure you didn't understand this...
  5. Ultim

    Need a poorly written sign tile.

    Hello Everyone, I want to request a poorly written sign indicating an enterance.I did a quick sketch with MS Paint just to help you see what's in my imagination. Thanks In Advance !!
  6. Ultim

    Is it OK to disable blood hoping to reach a more extensive public ?

    Hello all,I'm back again. I just want to decide either disable or enable blood in my game.Blood is important to the atmosphere and I really want to reach a maximum level of people playing my game.So is disabling blood okay ? PS  : Not a horror game.
  7. Ultim

    Making the city feel the most alive possible ?

    Hello everybody, I started officially working on my game.With the intro and the starting area complete,I will now start the hard part.The city.FYI the game only has 1 city with it's outskirts.I started mapping,but what I didn't decide though is how the make the city the most alive...
  8. Ultim

    Dropping battles and weapons in favor of a non-linear game ?

    Hello, So I decided to drop battles in my game because they have no relation with the story and I decided to implement an evented "Reputation System" to make the game non-linear.The story and reactions from the citizens and other people will change according to your Rep.Is the battle system...
  9. Ultim

    Info About My Upcoming Project

    Hello all, I've been offline for a very long time.But,I didn't just study,I managed to scrap and re-write The Quest : Darkblade and trasform it into something more realistic and not the generic "Hero fights fantasy creature and saves the day" plot.So I decided to scrap and rewrite the plot and...
  10. Ultim

    If you can be in any country right now what will it be ?

    Hello again. Another random thread.The title says it all.You may give some alternative choices example : "I want to be in [name here] or [name here] !" I'd like to be in either Germany or Denmark. What about YOU ?
  11. Ultim

    What Is The Hardest Language You Tried To Learn ?

    Hello, A random....OMG LOOK THE SKY IS PURPLE---Sorry...thread. So,What is the OMG THE SKY TURNED GREEN hardest and the most intimidating language you tried to learn ? For me it's Icelandic.Looked really easy at first but uhh...You know... OMG THE SKY IS PURPLE AGAIN!!!!
  12. Ultim

    Two-Tile High Event ?

    Hello Everybody, I need some help.I want to make a statue appear once a switch is flipped but looks like the event system only support one tile high events Please help !
  13. Ultim

    [The Quest]Need a Talented Story Writer

    NOTE : This will not be a paid position. FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE STORY,SETTING,FEATURES & CHARACTERS,GO HERE  http://forums.rpgmak...uest-darkblade/                                                                 ABOUT THIS PROJECT: I've always wanted to make a game,and RPG Maker made by...
  14. Ultim

    Forum Games Section ?

    Hello, As I frequented more forums,I saw that they have forum games section.Where the posts are not counted.Why not we add it too ?
  15. Ultim

    Check At Your Left

    First of all,I know this was already posted.But it's now dead.So I decided to revive it. Check at your left.What you first see will be your weapon in the next Zombie Apocalypse. For me it's a chair.
  16. Ultim

    [Probably Wrong Forum]How to export Looseleaf generator sprites to VXA ?

    Hello : It's probably the wrong forum,but I found no other place to post this.How can we copy a Looseleaf generator sprite to the desktop ? I tried to drag it but when I preview it it's blank.
  17. Ultim

    The Random GIF Thread

    Hello, So I decided to make a thread where everyone will post silly and funny GIFS that dosen't have a home anywhere.I open the thread with some GIFS :
  18. Ultim

    Best Modern Games You've Played

    After a posting break,I decided to stop lurking and start posting again. This is the same as the previous one,but these are for the best modern games you've played.But there's one rule,they must've been out between 2012 and 2014 Let The Discussion Begin !
  19. Ultim

    What's your favourite type of sprites ?

    Hello and welcome to the discussion :3 I was curious of what you guys prefer.Personally,I prefer the two-tile high XP sprites.They look simply awesome ! And what about YOU ? What's your favourite type of sprites ? the XP type,DS,or the VX-style chibis ? 
  20. Ultim

    [Recruiting Mappers]The Quest : Darkblade

                                                         NOTE : This will not be a paid position. FOR MORE INFO ABOUT THE STORY,SETTING,FEATURES & CHARACTERS,GO HERE

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