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  1. kerbonklin

    Multiple Battle Party - Main Party Together or Split?

    I think the main part of such an idea is that when a game features multiple party scenarios, they are usually either important to the overall plot and each party plays a role, or the scenario has a strategic element built in that warrents having those multiple parties. For example while those...
  2. kerbonklin

    How do you deal with Elements?

    My current project has 4 element types in terms of magics that are both tied to a respective character naturally based on their personality, but also they work differently in nature. (one element acts faster in turn order speed, others slower but stronger + better when combined with buffs as a...
  3. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    @CosBlade I'm definitely big on the idea of different subgroups and behaviors, or "Tribes" as I mentioned above. Right now I have their Tribes and behaviors categorized by weapons, but maybe I can also categorize by my game world's region type, changing the visuals and strategies to match the...
  4. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    I suppose it would be "How to design multiple + diverse enemies using limited visual human-like elements (a limitation) to prevent Staleness" I'll edit the opening post in reflection.
  5. kerbonklin

    Thanks, I appreciate it! Nothing bad, just fooling around in other hobbies. I changed my thing...

    Thanks, I appreciate it! Nothing bad, just fooling around in other hobbies. I changed my thing to "Hiatus King" lol
  6. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    @Kes Resources is not my concern, but rather how to make and design using limited ideas without the game getting stale and keeping the player immersed in the world. As a first MV project, I plan to keep it very simple so I can focus more on the maker itself rather than aesthetics. Also edit: I...
  7. kerbonklin

    I decided to come back a 3rd time to play around with MV since it was on sale

    I decided to come back a 3rd time to play around with MV since it was on sale
  8. kerbonklin

    An RPG that uses a generic set of similar enemies+bosses

    With that being said, i'm looking for ways to design various enemies and bosses under the conditions of SV human battlers and my main fear is that the fights in my game get stale or repetitive in a sense. In my SV enemy/boss planning, the first thing that comes to my mind are their weapon types...
  9. kerbonklin

    Survey Question - Which maker version do you primarily use?

    Been awhile since I've posted around here, so many floods of MV support threads re-inventing the wheel going on. Anyways, i'm doing a quick small survey thing (so small it'll just be a Strawpoll question lol) for a technical writing class i'm taking, figured I could make a pie graph out of this...
  10. kerbonklin

    Who is your main in Smash Bros 4

    Yoshi is tier 0 master race. other mains: 2: ROB 3: Robin
  11. kerbonklin

    Hopeless boss battle

    Doesn't MV have a "Continue when loser" checkbox for Battle Processing fights? (like the other engines) Check to see if it does, that's how you do it.
  12. kerbonklin

    Gag Games, Yay or Nay?

    If anyone needs present-day references, Undertale is pretty much a full-on Gag game with a tiiiiny hint of an evil plot. but 99% gag. Game is freaking hysterical and random and every encounter (and the enemy attacks) is always something new and derpy.
  13. kerbonklin

    The engine's(MV) worth

    I misinterpreted his usage of worth, but I'm curious on my own interpretation which I don't want to thread-steal. Whoops I jumped the gun. Ignore me.
  14. kerbonklin

    The engine's(MV) worth

    I think the main question was dodged here. .. what can this new engine do so well/efficiently compared to Ace/Unity and such? What are it's strong points aside from easy to use and premade resources? (Which Ace already covers)
  15. kerbonklin

    Is making a fan made game illegal?

    Actually Grand Chase is still an active game with their Korean server still being live but with halted content creation. (permanently stopped development of new content) The BR (?), NA, LA, Indo, PH and Thai servers all closed down. (rip NAGC, you will be missed cause the current NA private...
  16. kerbonklin

    League of Legends WORLDS 2015

    Worlds so exci- ResidentSleeper
  17. kerbonklin

    TotalBiscuit announces he has terminal cancer

    One thing I always loved about TB was his solid steel mentality that was very fair and just, and he can shove off a ton of negativity easily to keep on going with his job, especially when all the SJW crap started getting all over his grill harassing him years ago. There were a lot of people put...
  18. kerbonklin

    TotalBiscuit announces he has terminal cancer

    This dire health situation update for him has been popping up all over various game-related subreddits and media outlets, thousands to millions of people wishing him for the best of luck.  Since I know there are quite a few people here who know TB, and his genuine insights of the indie game dev...
  19. kerbonklin

    Until Dawn

    Currently watching a LP by Super Best Friends Play, game is amazing so far and everyone on the youtube channel comments riot every time they post a video for something that's not Until Dawn.
  20. kerbonklin

    battle stat prioritizing

    There is definitely a big problem in many RPGs where the ability to burst a target by going first is too strong, and that's usually because the target cannot fight back at the same time. Bursting down any target asap can usually end up swinging any encounter in your favor. It's why you never try...

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